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Who the Heck Ate Your Bowl of Sunshine This Morning?

A blog by Ann Sheehan of Lossano and Friends!

Dishing Bitches – 12/22/14

It’s our Holiday Sextravaganza! New Year’s traditions around the world. The Girls discuss things ‘men don’t know’ about women. Fuck Yes or No, the article by Mark Manson. Gina has a sound machine and is talking great pleasure in making Ed crazy as she inserts her own drops into […]

Gina’s Guide to the Top Marvel’s Avengers Movies

I’m sure I’ll get some flack for this. And we all know my feelings about Captain America, but here are my top Marvel’s Avengers movies. And yes, they are in a particular order.

Number One: Captain America: The Winter Soldier With star power like Robert Redford, Scar Jo, and Samuel […]