I’m sure I’ll get some flack for this. And we all know my feelings about Captain America, but here are my top Marvel’s Avengers movies. And yes, they are in a particular order.

Number One: Captain America: The Winter Soldier With star power like Robert Redford, Scar Jo, and Samuel L. Jackson this is without a doubt the ultimate superhero movie. It had me gripping the edge of my seat and the story wasn’t just a superhero story it was a story filled with who done its and dramatic moments. What won me over? The espionage, the story, and the character development. Hail Hydra.

Number Two: The AvengersJoss Whedon. Captain America. Samuel L. Fury. The Black Widdow. Coulson. RDJ. Dr. Bruce Banner. Hawkeye. Thor. Loki. The wit, the quips, the banter spot on, hands down, best superhero movie of all time.

Number Three: Iron Man The movie that pretty much single handedly resurrected RDJ’s career. And, while I enjoy Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang much more – this gave him a mainstream presence and introduced us to the beginning of what would be the most awesome superhero franchise of all time. Without a doubt the creation of RDJ’s Iron Man is one of the most memorable avengers. Lets just talk about the scene where Pepper Pots is forced to help him re attach his arc reactor heart. So. Good.

Number Four: Thor: The Dark Wold – Loki.

Number Five: Captain America: The First Avenger – It set the standard for me when it comes with what to expect from a Captain movie. Stanley Tucci – amazing, and the era was spot on perfection when it comes to a superhero movie. It was thrilling and exciting to watch Steve Rodgers background. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy when he returns to the modern day! Con, TOO FUCKING LONG. While I could sit and watch Chris Evans in the Cap’s gear it’s a little tough for me to sit through nearly an hour of Red Skull and Nazi – like propaganda.

Number Six: Thor – Loki.

Number Seven: Iron Man 2 – We’re going to pretend this movie didn’t happen

Number Eight: Iron Man 3IM3 brought back the shit that happened in IM2. Loved the relationship between the playboy and the small boy. His quips were back, but there was some kind of fun soul searching instead of the constant look at me look at me look at me that seems to keep happening. I like the science Stark, maybe that’s just the nerd in me.

Number Nine: The Incredible Hulk – While I love Edward Norton this movie falls flat for me. It barely even covers the internal struggle that Bruce Banner feels. Not only did it fall short for me there, but it fell short in the – wishing he was real part. Also, to be quite honest – I’d rather see a Hulk movie with the real Hulk – Mark Ruffalo. Mainly, this is an Avengers movie that needs to be remade and significantly upgraded.

If you have yet to see any of these – I suggest watching them all, and working your way up to The Avengers. While they (for the most part) are enjoyable on their own they are much more exciting when watched as a whole. There’s something to be said about feeling like you’re on the inside of a joke and latching on to some fun hidden easter eggs through out the franchise. Oh, and whatever you do – do NOT turn the movie off until AFTER the credits..