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The Game Show Show – Dibs, Dicks, Pebbles & Pipers!

JAZ & Andy heatedly debate Chicago’s favorite frigid topic, Johnny Mo shares good news & everybody puzzles over the YouTube Fondue Stube!!

The Game Show Show – Hipsey Rustle!?!

JAZ & Andy talk about when & where talking is appropriate, Johnny Mo shares a moment of great lucidity & a brand new game, plus we discuss the business of chocolate phalluses & learn about the world burlesque performance from one of our most special guests: Keely Maureen Brennan […]

The Game Show Show – Super Blow Sunday!

JAZ & Andy get back to the business of making shows, Johnny Mo teaches us Super Bowl trivia & everybody is sick of Tom Brady’s stupid face.

The Game Show Show – The Un-Episode!

JAZ & Andy try to do some sonic housekeeping, Johnny Mo tries to do some literal housekeeping & the boys take a long, leisurely stroll down memory lane in the process. Cue the Orchestra. Hooray for Hollywood!!

The Game Show Show – Snazzy Junk, Lost Kittens & Wild Monkeys!

JAZ & Andy rejoice in some good, old-fashioned good news, Johnny Mo makes everybody play Voiceover to Rejoiceover & we learn about the sexy world of audio books from the star of Interrobang Theatre Project’s For The Loyal: Sarah Gise!

The Game Show Show – Sleigh Bells, Mistake Babies & Contraband Baloney!

JAZ & Andy get sucked into a holiday vortex, Johnny Mo teaches us about stuff with the greatest of ease & the boys learn a thing or two from a man who acts, authors & acts out the works of other authors: Kevin Theis, who starred in Dickens Carol […]

The Game Show Show – Horse Meat!

JAZ & Andy ponder equine cuisine, Johnny Mo lifts our holiday spirits & whole gang tries to wrap their minds around the idea of organizing an official Guinness Book of World Records record-setting bar crawl with Christopher Festa, the philanthropic party genius behind TBOX: The Twelve Bars of Xmas!

The Game Show Show – Eat THAT For Dinner!

JAZ & Andy discuss skin irritations, horse meat, farts and other fun stuff, Johnny Mo is still AWOL & we all learn about the process of writing songs, making music and producing record albums with Show Show Showgirl turned Pop Star, Nicole Bloomsmith!

The Game Show Show – Music & Metaphors & More!

JAZ & Andy listen to music from former Show Show Showgirl Nicole Bloomsmith’s new album, Johnny Mo is conspicuously absent & the guys talk about art, addiction, recovery, music & theatre (but not musical theatre) with theatre artist, recording artist & the star of a million plays: Emilie Modaff!

Conservatives, Liberals & Patriots! Oh My!!

JAZ & Andy shower each other in compliments, Johnny Mo plays a Twitter game called “Bannon, Jones or Seagal” and we talk politics & comedy with the star of the new Clickhole feature “Patriothole with Doug Baxter”, Daniel Houle!