The Game Show Show – PRACHT (Rhymes with Yacht) ROCK!

EP83: JAZ & Andy get loud & angry just like the good old days, Johnny Mo is ready for action & bringin’ the news, plus the boys ask what it’s like to win a Jeff Award & learn how to balance your home life with your artistic life from our […]

The Game Show Show – Spring Break 2019, Yo!

JAZ & Andy debate Big Ketchup, celebrate Huge Electronics & ponder Giant Monsters, Johnny Mo tells us about his latest short film role & the whole gang clowns around for a rare morning recording session to kick off our long overdue Chicagoland springtime! Plus, Gimme Five!

The Game Show Show…& Stephs!

JAZ & Andy discuss the politics of condiments, Johnny Mo brings the wackiest news he can find & the boys meet their match when they finally share the studio with two ladies as foul-mouthed & funny as they like to think they are: Steph & Steph from Stephs in the […]

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