The Game Show Show – AT LONG, LONG LAST

JAZ & Andy love everybody in the world, Johnny Mo is everywhere in the world & Morgan needs to delete everything on her computer. Plus, we play games, sing songs & talk about COVID Comedy & Isolation Improv with musical comedians & comedic musicians, NICOLE DEVIN & PAUL OLDANI [EP103]


JAZ & Andy jinx the show by singing the praises of modern technology, Johnny Mo delivers the news with aplomb & Morgan is, as always, the bomb. Plus, we discuss the vitality of music & the musicality of life with up-and-coming hip-hop rock star, Maleek McCrary AKA KING LEEKY! [EP102]

The Game Show Show – PODCASTING 101

JAZ & Andy are proud to announce that after 100 episodes, they finally know what the hell they’re doing, Johnny Mo is off to an MVP season & Morgan Lavenstein is bringing her A-Game, as always. Plus, the whole team is hyped to hang with a rising star in the […]

The Game Show Show – KEEPIN’ IT 100

JAZ & Andy say terrible things about their mothers, Johnny Mo is undecided on the subject of form versus function and the boys are so excited about their 100th (Very Special) Episode, they wish that America wasn’t on the brink of a civil war! [EP100]


JAZ & Andy are recuperating from the coup, Johnny Mo is dishing about his favorite new dish & everybody is awed by the awfulness of Hallmark Holiday Movies. Plus, we discuss the importance of creativity, creation as a human imperative & how to stay in the creative flow with theatre […]

The Game Show Show – The Mornington Crescent Episode

JAZ & Andy laugh themselves to tears, Johnny Mo is smiling ear to ear and everybody’s excited to play a round of The Corwith Intermodal Facility Game with our friend from the world of theatre, film and voice-over Dana Black, creator and host of the podcast I Swear on My […]

The Game Show Show – March 255th, 2020

JAZ & Andy appreciate some fan appreciation, Johnny Mo is grateful to Mother Nature for her verdant gifts, and EVERYBODY has podcasts & television shows to recommend, PLUS…after eight and half grueling months of COVID-19, the boys are ready to play a rousing game of Coronavirus Isolation Word Association! [EP96]

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