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Conservatives, Liberals & Patriots! Oh My!!

JAZ & Andy shower each other in compliments, Johnny Mo plays a Twitter game called “Bannon, Jones or Seagal” and we talk politics & comedy with the star of the new Clickhole feature “Patriothole with Doug Baxter”, Daniel Houle!

The Game Show Show – Political Humor & Humorous Politics!

JAZ & Andy discuss their greatest common denominator, Johnny Mo expresses his gratitude for friends & beer, then the gang talks life, liberty & the pursuit of laughter with Niccole Thurman, correspondent for The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central!

The Game Show Show – A Rebel Without A Clue!

JAZ & Andy think they maybe have some breaking industry news, Johnny Mo tugs on our heartstrings during Chaka Khan & we all talk about love, life, art & horror with the Managing Director of Wildclaw Theatre, Moira Begale!

The Game Show Show – …And We’re Back!

JAZ & Andy get back in the groove for Season Two with Johnny Mo, the boys play a brand new game that doesn’t even have a name & we laugh a lot with the star of The Sandlot, U-571, Blackhawk Down & a new movie called Brawl in Cell […]

The Game Show Show – WE’RE TOO LOUD!!!

But it’s our 50th Episode & we wanna’ shout! On this very, very special episode JAZ & Andy stroll down memory lane with their best bro Johnny Mo, discussing the “very special episodes” of their favorite television shows. Plus, some local music recommendations from Taste of Chicago, life hacks […]

The Game Show Show – Freedom, Fun, Guns & Puns!

JAZ & Andy get ready for the Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration by learning stuff from Johnny Mo & getting schooled by special guest Keely Maureen Brennan! USA!! USA!!!

The Game Show Show – Recovery & Discovery!

JAZ & Andy discuss the difficulties of dependence issues within the arts community, everybody does the “Chaka Khan” & Johnny Mo Teaches Us About Stuff from Independence Day in America!!

The Game Show Show – Good & Evil!

JAZ & Johnny Mo hang loose, play games & talk summertime in Chicago with longtime friend of the show, DJ Evil Vince: Photographer, Designer, Musicologist, All-Around Media Specialist, & Live Vinyl Enthusiast!

The Game Show Show – Chocolates & Vanillas!

JAZ & Andy eat fancy candies from a local ethnic foods market, the boys illustrate how “Chaka Khan” has become a verb & we get into the national news scene with Mark Guarino: Contributing Journalist to Crain’s Chicago Business & The Washington Post

The Game Show Show – Reunited & It Feels So Good

JAZ & Andy play a rousing game of Chaka Khan, do the news & take a sordid stroll down memory lane with the guy who put the “stuff” in The Game Show Show…& Stuff, Esteban Andres Cruz: Tri-Coastal Actor & Triple Threat Performer!