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Ready, Set, Vent! – 05/04/16

"Insanity Hamburger" - By interviewing Dave 'The Masshole', Andy discovers just how deep stupid can go.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 04/27/16

"Sitting Purple Shiva" - Andy is joined by his friend Jonas Simon for a lengthy tribute to His Royal Badness.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 04/20/16

"American Girl" - Pour yourself a drink as Andy defends Donald Trump AND Ted Cruz, mumbles with Stevie Wonder, and so much more!

Ready, Set, Vent! – 04/13/16

"Daaave. Come out to Plaaay!" - Bring tissue to wipe your tears at the RockBand Guitar Controller Tragedy of 2016.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 04/06/16

"Contempt of Court" - Andy suggests a few great 'what if' scenarios, regretfully goes Greek, and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 03/31/16

"Nailed It!" - Andy laments the difficulty of bringing artistic visions to life. Plus a bad Scoobie Doo impression and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 03/23/16

"Bravery" - Andy takes scattered potshots at HBO's Vinyl, the DARE program, intentional spelling errors and much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 03/16/16

“Fortune Cookies” - Andy votes. He votes with his sarcastic angry rage. Plus comparisons between Vinyl and The Muppets and so much more. Cast your ballot for RSV today!

Ready, Set, Vent! – 03/02/16

"50 Minutes of Bombing" - Andy opens fire on Super Tuesday, throws bouquets at Bill Hicks and Chris Rock, and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 02/24/16

"Hitler's Dick" - Andy sucks up to the network president, shares his awful Ray Romano impression, gives horoscope advice and more. Please clap.