Pugs Moran aLive – 02/16/17

This week Pugs, Garry & Andy with an all new Watchlist with the new Netflix series Frontier, bring us a Doc Docket checking out new Documentaries about the XFL Football league, the Slenderman internet craze and the life and times of billionaire Warren Buffet. […]

Pugs Moran aLive – 01/12/17

The gang returns after the Holiday season with a brand new episode discussing recent Christmas experiences as well as the recent news of the Chicago Facebook-Live bullies. Then Pugs, Garry and Andy bring you an all new Watchlist discussing how the Golden Globes winners often reflected the past recommendations of […]

Pugs Moran aLive – 12/15/16

EP17 – For this epic, year-end episode the boys welcome Ed Silha to the studio for a spirited discussion. Pugs, Garry, Andy and Ed dissect the fall of FM Talk Radio, the recent Critic’s Choice Award show on the Watchlist, give their recommendations for the best TV shows of the […]

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