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The Prussman Hour – Angela’s Insane Life

Stacey and Angela talk about the recent tragedy at the fair, missing children, Stacey interviews Angela’s co workers Christian and Robert. The discuss #queensofthecompound at White Plains Comedy Club October 25,2019 and more.

The Prussman Hour – 10/10/19

Stacey and Angela record after Stacey’s #yomkippur fast. The women discuss, #healthyeating, #artielange’s amazing sobriety and handsome looks, stacey’s sore hips, Angela’s newest weight loss contest, #mattLauer , #goodvibes music and more

The Prussman Hour – Our Side Of The Story

Stacey and Angela discuss the #kevinbrennanroast, and they discuss at length the incident post roast night at #TheStand comedy club. Stacey and Angela initially wanting to ignore it, but some #fakenews came out and they thought it was only right that they tell their side of the story. So […]

The Prussman Hour – Magic Box

Stacey and Angela go very deep into discussion of the #ShaneGillis #SNL outrage. They get deep into the discussion of #racism #sexism and their own experiences with it. They talk about how #Comedy is the place they have found healing.

The Prussman Hour – 09/04/19

Post Labor Day Show discuss Stacey and Angela are back with their new equipment! The discuss  Angela’s hives, #hannibalBuress old open mic comedy tape Stacey found and the story behind it . #forever21 stealing #arianagrande likeness. #popeyeschicken, the difference between an accent and a dialect and more

The Prussman Hour – 08/27/19

Stacey and Angela have a very important question they need answered in this episode for their male listeners, has your penis shrunk, grown or stayed the same since you were 17 years old? We also discuss Angela’s weight loss, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Stacey decides the ladies are going to […]

The Prussman Hour – 08/22/19

Stacey and Angela discuss Angela not being in her dad’s obituary and her creepy ex, #craigslist ads, Stacey doing wedding hosting, 20 somethings with dumb #tattoos and the girls have some co-host podcast drama.

The Prussman Hour – 08/13/19

Stacey and Angela are back in town and have a lot to talk about. They discuss Stacey’s California Trip, Angela’s Busch Gardens Trip, Wifi ghosts, Angela’s  father’s passing, Stacey’s new serious show #Deep, Shaun Cassidy, #90210reboot, WATP cringe of the week award, #JeffreyEpstein and a lot more

The Prussman Hour – 07/30/19

Stacey and Angela are joined by 2 of their friends they made while doing shows at Compound Media. Matt Mead and “Hack Jokerson”. Angela passes out drunk and Matt tells us about his year in prison, they talk about comedy, Compound Media and more.

The Prussman Hour – 7/23/19

Stacey & Angela has special guests Mike Murphy and Anthony Zenhouser. of The Creepy Corner on this episode of The Prussman Hour where they discussed drug use, dead Dads, growing up poor white trash, addictions, and more @thecreepfest