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The Prussman Hour – 10/20/18

Stacey and Angela are back at it again, and by at it we mean with technical difficulties galore, lots or arguing, insults and hot topics such as Celebrity breakups, Angela turning 40, Courtney Love murder for hire allegations, Are Disney Princesses bad for women?, Footsie Raping on an airplane, and much much more!

The Prussman Hour – 10/10/18

Stacey begins talking about her High School reunion, Angela comes on and they talk  about James Franco’s  assault accusations,  smoking pot, masturbating in cars, million little things , Ruby Rose as bat woman, the girls feeling sick but hang in there and Stacey’s 4 day hangover and much more

The Prussman Hour – 10/1/18

Stacey starts the show talking about some personal experiences and her feelings on #scotus #trump #Kayne  Angela gets on and she weighs on  #Kavanaugh . They discuss the drugs in South Jersey, Angela’s TV shows, Geno’s Cat, Stacey’s upcoming High School reunion, Angela’s crazy bullet ridden photo session, and more!

The Prussman Hour – 9/19/18

Stacey starts off with a Happy Jewish New Year about her Jewish side. After a busy week the ladies are finally back together and they have lots to catch up on.  Like Stacey’s dating life , her ex guy with mental issues, Angela being overworked yet again  while house and dog sitting, the Emmy’s, […]

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The Prussman Hour – 09/07/18

Stacey and Angela tackle some tough issues involving their vaginas. They discuss actor Geoffrey Owens of Cosby show fame working at Trader Joe’s, Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal, should Emmy Rossum from Shameless get paid as much as William H. Macy, wedding season for Angela and what demands Stacey would have should she ever marry […]

The Prussman Hour – 09/05/18

On this very special episode Stacey talks one one to Empath, psychic, author healer  Morrighan Lynne

They discuss Empathetic gifts, learning to call out Bull Sh*t narcissists, sociopaths, reading people’s  energy, empaths and much more, listen !!

The Prussman Hour – 08/29/18

The ladies were back at it again. Stacey opens up the show talking about Robin Leach and his death. She reveals her experiences with him. Stacey updates us on her streptococcus as well as her current dating situation and her commitment phobia and Angela thinks she is too. They discuss Pumpkin coffee back at […]

The Prussman Hour – 08/22/18

After a 2 week break the girls are back! Stacey’s been sick with strep throat and Angela visits Stacey with a surprise guest . Stacey is delirious and rants about her throat infection and all her “kissing”. The gang discusses #serialkillers #mancrushes #sexualexploits the special guest whereabouts and much more. Listen in to see […]

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The Prussman Hour – 08/01/18

Stacey starts the show and pays tribute to her friend Poppi Kramer who passed away. Angela joins and they discuss Stacey’s chronic diarrhea which Angela blames on Stacey’s Koko the gorilla/apple juice addiction. Stacey learning Koko’s signs, they talk about Jurassic Park The Bruce Willis Roast, penis pics, International Friendship day, Stacey watching the […]

The Prussman Hour – 07/26/18

Stacey and Angela have a very intimate episode of The Prussman Hour. They discuss Demi Lovatos overdose, the maker of the Valentine’s Day conversation hearts going out of business, addictions and addiction transfer, Stacey’s quest to walk her way to sanity. Stacey is  teaching a comedy class, Angela’s co-worker being dumped because of his […]