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The Prussman Hour – 2/9/19

Angela and Stacey are driving to a gig in CT. joined by comedian-actor Gianmarco Soresi. The girls talk #running, grooms who rape on the wedding day, Dr. Ruth, Grey’s Anatomy, Comedy life, DJ’s dating and much more. Follow @gianmarcosoresi

The Prussman Hour – 1/31/19

Stacey talks about the Polar Vortex .  Stacey’s chronic lateness with the podcast has sparked a debate on whether or not she displays the 7 habits of a selfish and disrespectful person. Angela is OD’ing on vitamins, diagnosed with acid reflux from Stacey, getting wellness calls and is contemplating running another half marathon. The […]

The Prussman Hour – 01/24/19

Stacey’s original tune Mushroom Love has been all the rage since it debuted on the last episode of The Prussman Hour, Angela has a workout bet with Geno Bisconte, it’s the 20th Anniversary of Angela’s Boyfriends death, Stacey is less depressed this week, the girls let you know of their upcoming shows, they talk […]

The Prussman Hour – 01/19/19

One of the ladies is depressed while the other one is paying to watch webcam girls. Betty White turns 97, Angela’s childhood friend was on Wheel of Fortune. Stacey wants to go to LA and Angela still wants to tag along to visit Mister Morris.

The Prussman Hour – 01/09/19

Stacey and Angela start the new year together! They discuss Female wrestler doing crazy stuff with feminine hygiene products. So cool tv shows #thesinner Angela’s issues with buying the wrong tickets for #alladinonbroadway Surviving R Kelly #muterkelly, Amazing Wedding photo by Steve Torelli, stacey’s level 3 old acquaintance, Stacey’s talk to young women, Angela’s […]

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The Prussman Hour – 12/28/18

A fun post Christmas episode with The Ladies. Stacey and Angela have the amazingly talented stand up Comedian Carol Montgomery as their special guest. Carole tells entertaining tales of her 40 year comedy career. They discuss what it’s like to be women of a certain age in the Comedy world and about Carole’s awesome […]

The Prussman Hour – 12/21/18

A very special Christmas edition of The Prussman Hour. Stacey starts the show talking about what’s going on inside her SAD brain. Angela gets on the line and the women discuss their favorite Christmas song, holiday memories, Angela self-sacrificing her Christmas gifts, a Myrna update and much more. Check out The Prussman Hour Patreon […]

The Prussman Hour – 12/17/18

Stacey begins the show talking about the most wonderful time of the year, plugging gigs and to buy Bobo’s Christmas album he made with #Lobosound at  Angela calls in and they discuss Artie Lange’s latest court photo  and the cause of her nightmares, rape-y type people, Michael Rapport’s TV  Show #Atypical, […]

The Prussman Hour – 12/05/18

Stacey begins the show with talking about how “December will be Magic Again” and her beginning her Masters/PHD program. Angela joins and the discuss the death of George H. W Bush, a little person sighting at Angela’s latest wedding.A Mister Morris update , Netflix show recommendations, Stacey rants about Trump and her crush on […]

The Prussman Hour – 11/28/18

For this post Thanksgiving episode of The Prussman Hour Angela and Stacey discuss  Thanksgivings, condescending friends, a spacecraft landing on Mars, little people,The Blacklist On NBC, Angela’s friend who passed away and her inability to have a man propose to her, Stacey masters program is drug counseling , how people are constantly asking her […]