Nick D – Dan Fienberg: The Best of 2022 – Television

Nick is joined by TV critic Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print to talk about The Best Television of 2022 including: “Atlanta,” “Reservation Dogs,” “Barry,” “Better Call Saul,” and much more. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick fulfill another Magic Megaphone Message, talk about heroic celebrities (Benedict […]

Nick D – Episode 100!!! A Celebration!

It’s the 100th episode of The Nick D Podcast, and Nick and Esmeralda Leon celebrate this milestone by listening to some voicemails left by past guests and contributors, telling fun stories about the journey, and playing back interview highlights from several past episodes including appearances by: David Dastmalchian (DUNE), Alex […]

Nick D – Actress/Sobriety Coach Tara Handron & More Crazy Candies

Nick is joined by Tara Handron from Unity Health Care in Washington DC to talk about her acting career (Nick directed her in a show years ago), her road to sobriety, helping others, and about her one woman show “Drunk With Hope.” Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about the […]

Nick D – Amy Guth & Romance Tips from Celebs

Nick is joined by the multi-talented Amy Guth to talk about her career as a reporter, writing screenplays, contacting the writer of “Rambo,” the wonderful world of swearing like a truck driver, and much more. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick discuss the incredibly weird romantic tips from celebrities (Kristen Stewart […]

Nick D – Golden Globes & TV Talk and Past Words of the Year

Nick is joined by TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter Dan Fienberg to talk about the Steve Martin/Martin Short SNL, the big finale of The White Lotus, the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards and more. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick discuss Words of the Year from the past, fulfill […]

Nick D – Movie Reviews & The Word of the Year

Nick is joined by movie critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to talk about the Christmas events at The Music Box Theatre, the upcoming Chicago Film Critics Awards and review “Giullermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio,” the tragic true love story “Spoiler Alert,” and the new drama from the director of “American […]

Nick D – “For The People” with Herb and Tom

In the latest “For The People” episode, Nick is joined by The Consumerman Herb Weisbaum to talk about holiday shopping tips, the ‘buy now – pay later’ debt traps, the surprising return fees that are charged by many retailers, and supermarket digital discrimination. Then, Tom Appel from Consumer Guide Automotive […]

Nick D – The Return of Slap Slapply & FOR THE RECORD

Nick and Esmeralda Leon are joined by the famous British Quiz Show Host Slap Slapply (good friend of Tom Hush, Executive Producer of The Steve Cochran Show on WLS-AM 890 Chicago) to talk about his wedding, the current state of England, and the World Cup…and have another round of the […]

Nick D – Dan Fienberg TV Talk & More Food Fun

Nick is joined by TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, to talk about the INCREDIBLE western series with Emily Blunt “The English,” the new Addams Family offshoot “Wednesday,” the new HBO documentary “Shaq,” the latest episodes of the terrific HBO series “The White Lotus,” […]

Nick D – Big Holiday Movie Reviews & Food Secrets

Nick is joined by film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to review some big holiday releases including: Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans;” the sequel to the mystery/comedy “Knives Out,” “Glass Onion;” and the new lovers-on-the-run cannibal horror movie “Bones and All,” and more. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about […]

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