Nick D – Monica Eng, Food Myths & Nick’s Pix!

Monica Eng, from Axios.com, joins Nick to talk about the high tension in the Mayor’s Press Room, the future of Clark Street dining, when to tip and when not to tip, the death of Maxwell Street, and the new WTTW series in which Monica appears. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick […]

Nick D – Marnie Shure & An Eclipse Birthday

In this episode Nick welcomes the wonderful Marnie Shure to the podcast to chat about smart grocery carts, “new” Chips Ahoy cookies, and Nerds Gummy Clusters, which seem to be Gen Z’s latest candy obsession. Marnie and Nick also talk about the upcoming Mortified show at The Studebaker Theatre in […]

Nick D – Nell Minow is a Badass & We Need Security

In this episode, Nick once again welcomes Nell Minow, The Movie Mom to the podcast. Nick and Nell talk about what a true badass she is, and her thoughts on the movies “The Beautiful Game” & “Civil War,” the classic TV show “Gilmore Girls,” the world of Fathom Movie Events, […]

Nick D – Dan Fienberg, TV Talk and First Concert Stories

Nick talks about his upcoming “Nick’s Pix” movie screenings at the Classic Cinemas Lake Theater in Oak Park, Illinois. Then, Nick chats with TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, about the AppleTV+ series “Sugar” with Colin Farrell, “STEVE! (Martin) A Documentary in Two Pieces,” […]

Nick D – Jim Ryan, The Chicago Philharmonic & The Big Test

In this jam-packed music-heavy episode, Nick talks with the Executive Director of The Chicago Philharmonic, Terell Johnson, about the upcoming “Batman in Concert” event, featuring a screening of the classic 1989 movie, with a live orchestra accompaniment, plus a preview of other great music events involving the Philharmonic. Then, music […]

Nick D – For The People, April. 2024

In this “For The People” episode, Nick welcomes Herb Weisbaum, The Consumerman from Checkbook.org, to help you with all of your consumer needs and talk about some pressing stories like: why are grocery prices so high?, product safety recalls are on the rise, refunds are hard to get, and 30 […]

Nick D – Dan Fienberg, New Chefs and New Phones

Nick welcomes the TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, Dan Fienberg, to the podcast to talk about the latest in television. He reviews new shows like “Palm Royale” with Kristen Wiig, “Jarrod Carmichael Reality Show,” and “The Girls on the Bus.” Nick and Dan also talk […]

Nick D – Amy Guth, Dating Geeks & Nick’s Film Club is Back

Nick makes a big announcement about “Classic Cinema’s Nick’s Pix,” his new film series, in which he will host a screening of a classic movie every month…get those tickets now! Nick is then joined by filmmaker/podcast host/writer Amy Guth, to discuss launching her brand-new podcast: “Words Matter w/Amy Guth”, her […]

Nick D – The Movie Mom, The Grinch & 24 Hours of Top Chef

In this episode, the awesome and lovely Nell Minow is back to talk with Nick about a Lifetime Achievement Award she just received, which leads to an incredible conversation about corporate greed (including stories about how she took down Vince McMahon, and more) and her other life in that crazy […]

Nick D – Movie Reviews and The Butt of Mexico

Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to the podcast to review the new movies “Love Lies Bleeding,” “Arthur the King,” and Michael Keaton’s latest “Knox Goes Away,” and Erik talks about his time at the recent SXSW Film Fest, where he saw movies like “Road House,” “Babes” […]

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