Nick welcomes music journalist Jim Ryan from Forbes & The Daily Herald to discuss some memorable concerts he’s attended, like an annoying James Taylor with his bad jokes, and an incredible performance by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. They also talk about Jim’s interviews with notable figures like Mickey Hart from The Grateful Dead and Michael Richards from “Seinfeld.” Plus, they share stories about Jim hanging out with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and bond over their mutual dislike for The Eagles.

Later, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about some disaster movies she’s caught up on, including “Leviathan,” “Dante’s Peak,” “Deep Impact,” and “The Day After Tomorrow.” Nick warns Esma about the complete (but hilarious) idiocy of “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” and shares his thoughts on cicadas. They also wrap up their snack tour of Thailand with some tasty coconut chips. [EP254]