Nick D Episodes

Nick D – TV Talk and Terrible Board Games

Nick is joined by TV critic Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the new season of “Stranger Things,” the continuing greatness of Bill Hader’s “Barry,” the departure of four SNL cast members, and more. Then Esmeralda Leon chats with Nick about really terrible 70s board games (BIGFOOT […]

Nick D – “Top Gun Maverick” Stinks, and Worms and Hamsters Will Kill Us All

Film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy join Nick to review the awful “Top Gun” sequel and the new “Bob’s Burgers” movie. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about Armageddon-like occurrences including jumping killer worms, rage-crazed hamsters, and scary doll heads…and Esma and Nick eat boogers!!! [EP38]

Nick D – Suzanne Vega

The incredible, singer/songwriter/musician/poet and now actress Suzanne Vega (“Luka” “Tom’s Diner, etc.) joins Nick to talk about her career, her latest tour, her new album, and the new film version of her one-woman show “Lover, Beloved” to be released soon. Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about weird celebrity […]

Nick D – Dana DeLorenzo, The Evil Dead Video Game and Wild Celeb Couples

Nick talks with his future Ex-Wife, the great actress Dana DeLorenzo about the new “Evil Dead” video game, her recent trip to the UK and she does her hilarious Juliette Lewis impression. Then Esmeralda Leon talks with Nick about more celebrity couples who never should have dated and the weird […]

Nick D – Monica Eng & Crazy Celeb Couples

Nick talks with Monica Eng from to disucss the rise of crime in downtown Chicago, the legendary Orange Garden Chinese restaurant, snazzy looking dogs and more. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick discuss surprising celebrity couples, and taste-test some Carrot Flavored Hard Candy…plus Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke. [EP35]

Nick D – TV Talk & A Study of Men Vs. Women

Nick talks with TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter about the real-life crime drama “The Staircase,” the latest “Star Trek” adventure, and the Vanessa Bayer/Moly Shannon comedy “I Love That For You.” Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick for another taste-test of terrible candy and a discussion about behavior […]


Nick talks with the great character actor/writer/storyteller/musician, Stephen Tobolowsky about “Groundhog Day,” working with O.J. Simpson, and he tells the INCREDIBLE ‘George Lucas Story.’ Then Nick and Esmeralda Leon taste test some real, disgusting, gross candies, and the results are very surprising. All of that and more. [EP32]

Nick D – For The People, Consumer and Car Talk

Nick talks with Consumer-Man Herb Weisbaum about paying student loans after the COVID break, being financially safe while on vacation, bank scams, and much more. Then Car Guy Tom Appel, from Consumer Guide Automotive, chats with Nick about the latest news about cars, the terrifying world of “clown ads,” the […]

Nick D – Chicago Critics Fest & Celebrity Doppelgangers

Nick talks with movie critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy about the upcoming 9th annual Chicago Critics Film Festival, featuring 25 screenings including a 25th anniversary “Boogie Nights!”. Then Esmeralda Leon joins to discuss celebrity mix-ups and doppelgangers like Dermot Mulroney & Dylan McDermott and Amy Adams & Isla Fisher […]

Nick D – TV Talk and Real Unsolved Mysteries

Nick talks with Dan Fienberg, TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter, about the long-awaited return of the Bill Hader HBO comedy “Barry;” Paramount+’s “The Offer”, David Simon’s new police drama “We Own the City” and more! Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick put their detective outfits on and solve some real […]

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