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Nick D – Hurricanes! Earthquakes! Video Games! & Sushi!

Nick welcomes podcaster/writer/filmmaker Amy Guth to the show to talk about the time she is spending in L.A., including: dealing with underwhelming hurricanes, non-damaging earthquakes, and horrifying police activities in the Hollywood Hills. Amy also talks about the progress that her new Elvis movie is making, and her recent trip […]

Nick D – Stevie Wonder’s Not Blind, Dave Mustaine is Good at Rock n Roll Jeopardy, and More

Nick is joined by music journalist Jim Ryan, from Forbes & The Daily Herald, to talk about: Bob Mould, Lin Brehmer, Andy Summers, Bruce Springsteen, SAGA, Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and Bret Michaels’ Party Gras! Nick and Jim also compare notes about the ridiculous Foreigner concerts they’ve each attended. Then, […]

Nick D – ‘Death to Smoochy’ Swag and TV Talk with Dan Fienberg

Nick welcomes TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, to discuss the latest news on the writers/actors strike, the terrible and depressing documentary “Depp V. Heard,” how Canada helps American TV a lot, the terrific documentary “Telemarketers,” and Dan’s less than enthusiastic summation of Rosario […]

Nick D – Ugly Vampires, Air & Water Show and Movie Reviews

Nick and film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy, review the new films, including the raunchy dog comedy “Strays,” the latest DC Comic adventure “Blue Beetle,” and the incredible horror movie “birth/rebirth.” They also talk about the fantastic Film Noir series, and the upcoming Billy Wilder matinees at The Music […]

Nick D – “birth/rebirth” Director Laura Moss & Roller Boogie Time!!

Nick welcomes writer/director Laura Moss to discuss their new horror film “birth/rebirth,” which is inspired by Mary Shelley, David Cronenberg and hilarious black comedy. They discuss the making of the movie, Moss’ background in music and production design, and how seeing “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” scarred them for […]

Nick D – McDonaldLand is Terrifying & Marnie Shure

Nick welcomes Marnie Shure, the Managing Editor of the food website “The Takeout,” to the podcast, and they discuss the fact that McDonald’s is loving the creepy Grimace videos all over the internet, that there are just way too many Subway franchises in America, and that State Fair Food is […]

Nick D – TV Talk and Remembering William Friedkin

Nick remembers the great director William Friedkin who just passed away. Nick talks about the classic films that he made like “The Exorcist,” “To Live and Die in LA,” and “The French Connection,” and shares some audio from an interview he conducted with Friedkin in 2013. Then, TV critic Dan […]

Nick D – LIVE From Flashback Weekend Horror Convention!

In this special BONUS episode, recorded LIVE from the stage at The 2023 Flashback Weekend Horror Convention, Nick and Esmeralda Leon talk about all things scary, have fun with the Flashback audience, giveaway some cool stuff, and preview a great new horror film called “birth/rebirth.” Then, they welcome actors William […]

Nick D – Character Actor Leo Rossi & Remembering Paul Reubens

Nick talks with the great character actor Leo Rossi about his upcoming appearance at Flashback Weekend Horror Convention. Rossi has starred in over 100 movies, including “Analyze This,” “Halloween 2,” “Maniac Cop,” “Heart Like a Wheel,” “River’s Edge,” and more. He tells incredible stories about working with Robert DeNiro, Harold […]

Nick D – For the People

Nick talking about the great events happening at The Flashback Weekend Horror Convention at The Hyatt Regency O’Hare, August 4th – 6th 2023, and he also briefly remembers Paul Reubens (AKA: Pee Wee Herman) who just passed away. Then, it’s time for the latest “For the People” episode, which features […]

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