My Waifu’s Basement – Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle Movie Review

This week the gang finally reached the end of Haikyu!! with the latest movie installment to continue the down the road of the Harutaka Nationals Tournament with Karasuno playing in the 3rd round against their rival school Nekoma. Jim, Tom and Joe discuss the movie while reminiscing about the series […]

My Waifu’s Basement – Haikyu!! To The Top S4

The gang finally reaches the end point of Haikyu!! where they get into the Spring Nationals. Karasuno is going to be under the big spotlight facing up to larger teams not like the previous seasons. Listen along as Jim, Tom and Joe talk about season four in preparation to see […]

My Waifu’s Basement – Akira

In this week’s episode, the gang came together to watch the critically acclaimed film Akira made in 1988. They talked about the NFL schedule dropping, a special candy review and finally the movie! Does Akira live up to the hype or does it crash and burn like Shôtarô Kaneda’s bike? […]

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