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Flippin Out Radio – 08/27/19

Summer is almost over, and Janky June came and went without a special episode… or did it? Although we thought this was lost to the sands of time, we found these… the LOST ERICA TAPES: Janky June edition. Part One. James, Erica (E), Joanne (first time also) and James’ […]

Flippin Out Radio – 7/27/19

Part 2 of James Flippin ( @jamadrop ) and Mike Montone in the garage, discussing show business drawbacks, the bagel guy and how it is hard to be a shorter man, an Uber ride to the airport in Chicago, Marijuana Pepsi, Mike says he’s not over the top, James […]

Flippin Out Radio – 07/14/19

EP377: James Flippin and Mike Montone chop it up in the garage over the Women’s World Cup and question of “equal pay”, a hypothetical involving chewing gum and biting your inner cheek, and a celebration of Forrest Gump and the fact movies used to be able to do comedy. […]

Flippin Out Radio – 05/20/19

James Flippin and Mike Montone from the garage in bloomfield, talking the family reunion, averting the heterosexual gaze in Minnesota, blaming fetal alcohol syndrome on the patriarchy, frat bros unfairly targeted and dog taken away, a 900-pound man heads to prison, a Jussie Smollet like crime in Cali, Glen […]

Flippin Out Radio – 04/16/19

Part 2, as James Flippin recaps his trip to Savannah, Mike Montone talks about having slept with an Indian woman in D.C., the surprising effectiveness of gas station dick pills, plus why signs that say take the stairs aren’t “fat shaming”, and — Chik-Fil-A is A-ok with this gay!

Flippin Out Radio – 04/11/19

Part 1 of 2, James Flippin with Mike Montone, on why is Dodgers Stadium so unsettlingly dangerous and violent? Jussie Smollet appears to have committed the perfect crime, Ron Darling just had to sell a book apparently, and surrogacy vs. adoption

Flippin Out Radio – 03/13/19

So it turns out James Flippin has an announcement — partly inspired by the Jussie Smollet story — he’s bisexual and living with his boyfriend.  They even bought a house together! Nah, not a gag, or a bit.  Just something to get out of the way and explain in […]

Flippin Out Radio – 03/02/19

James Flippin (@jamadrop) is with Mike Montone in Jersey City, discussing the app-based dating experience, Robert Deniro’s divorce — “take it easy Bobby!” … Plus, muting a Twitter troll, an extended discussion on the realities behind doing porn and working in the sex trade — prompted by a news […]

Flippin Out Radio – 02/14/19

James Flippin went quail hunting in Georgia, he and Mike Montone discuss the great Roger Stone, plus the (blackface) madness in Virginia, and how in America these days – it’s all race all the time.  Plus, James on stomach disasters brought on by sugar alcohols, his new glass piece, […]

Flippin Out Radio – 01/29/19

James Flippin discusses his trip to Denver, and tells Mike Montone — host of the Savage Sacktap — how he was sack-tapped by the TSA… also discussion of Covington Catholic and Native American activist Nathan Phillips… parsley in personal (feminine) areas… and an allusion to a future guest, as […]