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Flippin Out Radio – 01/28/20

James, Mike and Katie chat about Weinstein, the casting couch and creepy Hollywood, plus where hookup culture is at in 2020, (reluctantly) — don’t fuck with cats on the internet, and the douche who tried to get a toothbrush for one-cent.

Flippin Out Radio – 1/20/20

James Flippin, Mike Montone and Katie G discuss the Astros sign-stealing scandal and its fallout, explaining the fun of craps in the casino, betting in sports and the smart phone factor, Don Imus’ Rutgers comments recalled, Gwyneth Paltrow pussy candle, weed taxes in Illinois fueling the black market, JJ […]

Flippin Out Radio – 12/9/19

Was Billie Eilish “not knowing” Van Halen a created-viral moment? Could the NFC East be more pathetic? Are Mets tickets going to make people show up in court? Also, James explains how he committed another sin of podcasting, yet again. Will he ever learn? And, a bonus mini-review of […]

Flippin Out Radio – A Drunk Asian Lady

James Flippin @jamadrop and Mike Montone explore what the point is of Sober October, and No Nut November. Be careful with the second one because you’ll likely face wet dreams. Plenty of discussion on train travel, including James’ being accosted by a drunk asian lady, and questions over conductor […]

Flippin Out Radio – 9/24/19

James Flippin and Mike Montone discuss Shane Gillis and the SNL ouster, offensive stereotypes about dry cleaners, even though James didn’t leave the review, why taking greenies out of baseball was a bad idea, Justin Trudeau in blackface, the latest Kavanaugh smear, arson tied into incest, and Domingo German […]

Flippin Out Radio – 08/27/19

Summer is almost over, and Janky June came and went without a special episode… or did it? Although we thought this was lost to the sands of time, we found these… the LOST ERICA TAPES: Janky June edition. Part One. James, Erica (E), Joanne (first time also) and James’ […]

Flippin Out Radio – 7/27/19

Part 2 of James Flippin ( @jamadrop ) and Mike Montone in the garage, discussing show business drawbacks, the bagel guy and how it is hard to be a shorter man, an Uber ride to the airport in Chicago, Marijuana Pepsi, Mike says he’s not over the top, James […]

Flippin Out Radio – 07/14/19

EP377: James Flippin and Mike Montone chop it up in the garage over the Women’s World Cup and question of “equal pay”, a hypothetical involving chewing gum and biting your inner cheek, and a celebration of Forrest Gump and the fact movies used to be able to do comedy. […]

Flippin Out Radio – 05/20/19

James Flippin and Mike Montone from the garage in bloomfield, talking the family reunion, averting the heterosexual gaze in Minnesota, blaming fetal alcohol syndrome on the patriarchy, frat bros unfairly targeted and dog taken away, a 900-pound man heads to prison, a Jussie Smollet like crime in Cali, Glen […]

Flippin Out Radio – 04/16/19

Part 2, as James Flippin recaps his trip to Savannah, Mike Montone talks about having slept with an Indian woman in D.C., the surprising effectiveness of gas station dick pills, plus why signs that say take the stairs aren’t “fat shaming”, and — Chik-Fil-A is A-ok with this gay!