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Destination Eat Drink – Turin, Italy slow food & stuffed pasta with Cecilia Puca

Cecilia Puca from I Eat Food joins us in the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, Turin, Italy for a Christmas dish called bagna cauda and lots of ideas for all that eggplant! Plus, making pasta at home [ep 138]

Show Notes:

Cecilia’s food tour company I Eat Food

Destination Eat Drink – Barcelona tapas, cava & cheese with Paula Mourenza

Barcelona has its own unique tapas dishes like artichoke omelettes and bombas. And, there’s dozens and dozens of local cheeses like tupi and serrat. Cava is also from the region. Foodie tour guide Paula Mourenza from Culinary Backstreets tells us about all this and more. [Ep 137]

Destination Eat Drink – Barcelona markets & bodegas with Paula Mourenza

We’re in Barcelona and exploring some lesser-known neighborhoods like Sants and Gracia. Plus, we visit some Barcelona markets and bodegas. [Ep 136]
Show Notes:
Culinary Backstreets Barcelona food tours
Mercat de Sants website

Destination Eat Drink – Liqueurs and Spirits

We’re sampling liqueurs and spirits from around the world including Cachaça from Brazil, touring London’s gin scene, and a liqueur made by monks in Portugal. Plus, what to do when an unlabeled bottle shows up at your table in Croatia (hint, you drink it!) [Ep 135]
Show Notes:

Destination Eat Drink – Queens with Esneider Arevalo

Queens, New York is the most diverse place in the United States. So, it’s no surprise that we’re sampling so many different cuisines. Tibetan momos, Ecuadorian food carts, Mexican & Chinese bakeries, and Arepas. All that and learning Thai in the local market. [EP134]

Show Notes:

Destination Eat Drink – Little Havana in Miami with Robyn Webb

Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood is filled with great spots to explore for the foodie traveler. We try Cubano sandwiches, plantain tostones, and cool off with a mojito. Plus, we learn about the coffee culture of the local ventanitas with foodie tour guide Robyn Webb of Miami Culinary Tours [EP133]

Destination Eat Drink – Easter Island with Shafik Meghji

We’re on remote Easter Island with travel writer Shafik Meghji to talk about the incredible Bird Man contest, the mysterious Moai statues, and Uma, the method of cooking on hot stones. [EP132]

Show Notes:

Shafik Meghji’s website

Shafik talks about Buenos Aires and Argentina on Destination Eat Drink

Rapa Nui […]

Destination Eat Drink – Pizza

We’re sampling many different styles of pizza from the margarita that originated in Naples to the deep dish from Chicago to the surprising pizza in Argentina and the unique St. Louis style pie. [Ep 131]

Show Notes:

Shafik Meghji’s website

Shafik talks about Buenos Aires and Argentina on the […]

Destination Eat Drink – Taiwan with The Nomadic Vegan Wendy Werneth

We’re in Taiwan with Wendy Werneth, The Nomadic Vegan for night markets and Three Cups Monkey Head Mushroom. Plus, she shares the heartwarming story of Rainbow Grandpa. [Ep 130]
Show Notes:
Wendy’s website The Nomadic Vegan
Wendy talks about India on the Destination Eat Drink

Destination Eat Drink – Istanbul with Ugur Ildiz

Istanbul, Turkey is famous for the Grand Bazaar and Turkish. We’ll talk about that plus try Meza, the powerful drink Raki, and Turkish pizza called Lahmacun. [Ep 129]
Show Notes:
Istanbul food tour with Ugur and Culinary Backstreets