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Destination Eat Drink – Wine From Around The World

Wine from Italy. Wine from France. Wine from New Zealand. And the importance of wine making and hospitality in the Republic of Georgia. It’s all about wine on Destination Eat Drink. [Ep 92]

Show Notes:

Kathy McCabe’s show Dream of Italy

Kathy McCable on Destination Eat Drink

Tenuta […]

Destination Eat Drink – Nelson and Marlborough, New Zealand

This week we’re in Nelson and Marlborough on New Zealand’s picturesque South Island for a Kiwi coffee invention and a candy you roll down hills. Plus lots of talk about the region’s famous wines and the cool dogs that live at the family owned vineyards. [ep 91]

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Destination Eat Drink – Venice, Italy

We’re in Venice, Italy for little plates called Cicchetti, drinking wine in the shade, and queen cakes for Carnival. Plus, we hear what Venice is like when there’s no tourists around. [Ep 90]

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Links for everything from this episode at

Monica Cesarato blog and food tours

Destination Eat Drink – Truffles in Australia

Gavin Booth owns the truffle farm Australian Truffle Traders in the idyllic southwest of Australia. He talks about truffles in Australia and the personalities of the dogs that find those truffles. Plus, he tells us about truffles in Italy, France, Hungary and even the United States. [ep 89]

Show Notes:

Gavin […]

Destination Eat Drink – Rock Stars

We talk with Paul Cullen, bassist for Bad Co., about his first experience with fine wine in the back of a bus and playing golf with Brian Johnson of AC/DC. Marshall Crenshaw talks about his favorite collard green recipe, Kevin Russell of Shinyribs reveals the story behind Donut Taco […]

Destination Eat Drink – Joseph Rosendo in Bangkok

TV and travel legend Joseph Rosendo shares stories about Bangkok including sharing food with monks and the worst traffic jam ever. Plus, Joseph talks Taiwan, his upcoming book, and something called the Travel Love Test. [EP87]

Show Notes:

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope website

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope TV show on […]

Destination Eat Drink – Macedonia with Ljubomir Stefanov of Honeyland

Ljubomir Stefanov co-directed the twice Academy Award nominated film “Honeyland.” Ljubomir tells us about making the film, growing up in Macedona and the cuisine of his homeland like sarma, Macedonian pizza, Turkey’s influence on Macedonian cuisine, and the difference between Macedonian rakija and Serbian rakija. Plus, we talk about […]

Destination Eat Drink – Flavor of Poland

We’re in Poland with the host of the TV show Flavor of Poland to talk about perogies, a Michelin starred restaurant in Warsaw and a tavern at the bottom of a mine shaft. Plus, Aleksandra talks about being sous chef in her mom’s kitchen [EP85]

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Visit for […]

Destination Eat Drink – Sicily emerges from the pandemic

Sicily is emerging from one of the strictest lock-downs in Europe. We catch up with local Sicilian Eszter Vajda about coping with cabin fever and how people are enjoying life now that restrictions are beginning to be eased. [Ep 84]

Show Notes:

Web series You Me and Sicily with Eszter […]

Destination Eat Drink – Wolter’s World

Mark Wolter from Wolter’s World tells us about ice cream in Argentina, stinky feet cheese in the Czech Republic, and wine in Uruguay. Plus we talk about the difference between younger and older travelers and why Mark doesn’t give restaurant recommendations. [EP83]


Wolter’s World YouTube Channel

Wolter’s World […]