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Dishing Bitches – The Last Shout

We would truly like to thank our loyal listeners, doing this show for you over the past 6 1/2 years has been one of the greatest joys of our lives. Our new show ‘Stephs In The City’ will premier in late Jan or early Feb 2019 and we hope […]

Dishing Bitches – She’s A Little Gassy

The countdown to our final show has begun but it seems that Ed has already checked out! Featuring music from Morning Fuzz and Lauren Strange.

Dishing Bitches – Take Two

A show so good we recorded it twice because apparently Mercury is in Retrograde, featuring music from Girl Gang and The Strays!

Dishing Bitches – Kissing Animals

Polish man’s name didn’t work as a judicial candidate so he did what? Psychologists say you should be friends with people who swear a lot, plus Real or Fake News and music from Marx Solvila, Victor Johnson and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Alter Egos

Happy Halloween! Real or Fake news, Marilyn Manson’s new sex toy, what doctors say you should be doing with your weed plus new music from Raiche and The Reeds!

Dishing Bitches – Fearing Intimacy

If you won the lottery. The girls continue to explore Ed’s sexuality. Things most women ignore about their man. Do you have a fear of intimacy? Ed introduces the girls to Youtuber Anna Akana, plus new music from Michael Barber, The Borgias & Bikini Islands

Dishing Bitches – Are you Demisexual?

World Food Day, Real or Fake News, the girls think they’ve nailed Ed’s sexuality, new music from The Strays and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Happy Birthday Roxy!

You can hire scary clowns to deliver donuts, 12 old-fashioned dating habits we should brung back, Ed shares news about the future of the show, music from Wannacries, Bikini Islands and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – More Pumpkin Spiced Bullshit

Man accused of defiling produce, real or fake news, things you should never reveal about yourself while online dating and a lot more! Featuring music from The Strays and Rob Flax.

Dishing Bitches – Two Drunk Girls (and Ed)

EP202: Samantha and Stephanie do the show after consuming a couple amazing Buzz Pop Cocktails. Featuring music from Morning Fuzz and The Rooftop Rebellion.