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Caffeinated Comics – Announcing an Announcement

There are big plans afoot! Jon heard a podcast idea from Howie Weingarten so good it will shake the foundation of “Caffeinated Comics” itself! Stay tuned for all the details in the next episode. Plus, disappointing Super Bowl ads, a Batman creator steps on Jon’s legacy, and pinning all hopes […]

Caffeinated Comics – Artist vs Art

In the age of social media is anyone worth admiring? Jon and Elliott meet face to face to discuss how to forgive franchises when they turn, keeping politics out of anything, and hating the creators of the things we love. Plus, ageism in comics, skipping “Ghostbusters” and exploring brandy. [Ep369]

Caffeinated Comics – Echo

Marvel releases an entire streaming series in one day about a D level character while the brand is on decline.So why watch it? Jon and Elliott discuss the return to form for the Netflix Marvel style series, how multiple differentiations keep it from being preachy and why the entire MCU needs to revolve […]

Caffeinated Comics – Toy Collecting in 2024

2023 shook up the collecting world and Mike Caplan is here to make sense of it. The owner of “Mr. Wayne’s Pop Culture Collectibles has a long talk with Jon about the gateway drug of  Funko Pops, how inflation is causing a move to higher-end collectibles and whether there is a ceiling for the prices collectors […]

Caffeinated Comics – Godzilla Minus One

Howie Weingarten is a die-hard Godzilla fan and has good reasons to be elated and angry. Jon and Howie discuss how the latest Japanese version of Godzilla may be the best iteration since the 50s. Also, why he hates hates hates the new Apple TV series “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”. [Ep364]

Caffeinated Comics – The Year in Toys with Michael Crawford

In the midst of layoffs from one of the biggest American toy companies, Jon discusses what went right this year with Captain Toy himself! Michael Crawford runs down his personal Top 10 of 2023, how inflation and experience shapes a collection, and why Mezco is taking up so much of his time. […]

Caffeinated Comics – Comics Made Us Mad

The comics market is changing and everyone has their own reason why. Jon and Elliott pore over the social media firestorm over the different ideas comic creators, retailers and fans have for falling comic book sales. From inflation to the end of periodicals to good old finger pointing, every excuse […]

Caffeinated Comics – Doctor Who 60th Anniversary

It’s Doctor Who’s birthday and the BBC are celebrating with a soft reboot! Jon talks to JB Anderton, the host of the podcast “Doctor Who Gives a F*ck” on whether the Doctor is worth caring about again. Plus, breaking continuity, how David Tennant plays the Doctor today and why the […]

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