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Caffeinated Comics – Joseph C Gioconda

First he was a lawyer. Then he owned a soda company. Now he’s a published author. Jon talks to high school friend Joe Gioconda about the twists and turns his career has taken over the years and what led him to tell the true story of a 15th century […]

Caffeinated Comics – Getting Back to Normal

Jon went to the movies and it was just like going to the movies. Is life really going back to the way things used to be? With the amount of trailers, comic creative teams switches and action figure reveals this week, it sure seems that way. But how will […]

Caffeinated Comics – DG Chichester

Jon and the writer of “Daredevil: Fall From Grace” reconnect after working down the hall from each other. Dan (DG) talks about his days in the Marvel Bullpen working under Jim Shooter, the view from the inside during the 90s boom and transitioning from comic books to advertising. Plus, […]

Caffeinated Comics – AT&T Dumps DC

Warner Brothers, HBO and DC Comics get sold again! Jon and Steven discuss if the 3 years and thousands of layoffs were worth it and if the massive announcements made by DC this week reflect an attempt to get back on track. Plus, missing Charles Grodin and Steven likes […]

Caffeinated Comics – Venom: Let There Be Carnage Trailer

There’s more Venom coming, and according to this trailer, it means more cg symbiotes, Woody Harrelson red wigs and a lot of breakfast. Also, Jon and Steven can’t believe the world is opening back up. Like, they won’t believe it. WARNING: this episode reveals which host is the most […]

Caffeinated Comics – Shaken Not Heard

Elliott Serrano spends his birthday launching a new James Bond podcast! Jon, Steven and Elliott discuss Daniel Craig’s extended exit, the hazards of Facebook Live and whether less is Moore. Plus, the legacy of the MCU, too many streaming dysfunctional superheroes, and if there was ever a good video […]

Caffeinated Comics – A Celebration of Superheroes

Jon speaks at De Paul University! Jon discusses the postponement of the 2020 event and how it didn’t get him off the hook for writing his essay. Plus the audio from his video panel, speaking at UiC in the same week and remembering John Paul Leon. [EP225]

Caffeinated Comics – Falcon and Captain America and Winter Soldier

After a slow burn of four episodes, Marvel brings the Captain America based series home with a bang! Jon and Steven discuss how the series made A listers out of B listers, the heel turn of one character and what it all means for Captain America 4. Plus, Disney […]

Caffeinated Comics – Brushes With Greatness

Jon and Elliott Serrano discuss the near misses and the perfect moments of a life on the fringe of the comics industry. Plus, toxic fandom, “Falcon and Winter Soldier” and remembering the founder of the Blue Box Cafe, Chris Mau. [EP223]

Caffeinated Comics – Picard Season Q

He’s back mon capitan! John DeLancie is returning (along with Whoopi Goldberg) to the Star Trek universe for the second season of Picard. What does that mean for the ongoing story and when will we see it? Plus, trailers for “Star Trek:Discovery”, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and even “Batman: […]