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Caffeinated Comics – Indy spoilers? Nope.

Empire magazine released Indiana Jones 5 pictures in their latest issue and Jon and Elliott can not stop speculating about it. Will James Mangold make this film Harrison Ford’s “Logan”? Are there Nazis? Will Indy meet Bob Dylan? Plus, Doctor Who’s new companion, Jordan Peele’s latest horror film and why […]

Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Kevin Conroy

All Jon and Steven want to do is talk about “Wakanda Forever”. But losing the voice of Batman and celebrated artist Carlos Pacheco in the same week took precedence. They discuss how “Batman: the Animated Series” did everything right and set the template for four additional series over […]

Caffeinated Comics – Andor Who

Disney makes Star Wars for adults while the BBC brings back your childhood. Jon and Elliott discuss David Tennant’s return to Doctor Who and whether Disney Plus picking up the series had an influence on the decision. Then, they delve into how Tony Gilroy’s slow burn on “Andor” could bring […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Ends of Halloween

Howie Weingarten returns to close out the Halloween season and the Halloween franchise. Howie and Jon discuss the rickety history of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and its many contradictory sequels. Why was the 2018 version so well received and how did the following entries of Michael Myers go off the rails? […]

Caffeinated Comics – What Are We Looking For?

There’s new Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel content every week. So why are we so upset? Jon and Elliott discuss the rising rage of online criticism, where everything is hyperbole and no examples are given. Plus, the meta swings of She Hulk, the seriousness of Andor, the literacy of […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Spider-Man: Homecoming

The most popular character in the Marvel Universe gets his first movie in the MCU! Jon, Elliott and Tom welcome former Marvel writer and editor D.G. Chichester to discuss how this Spider-man is different from the previous Sony incarnations and the rest of the MCU while being true to the character, the […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Life and Times of Freddy Kreuger

It’s October and that means lots of horror movies. Howie Weingarten returns with Jen O’Brien to discuss the most 80’s of 80’s slashers, Freddy Kreuger. They talk the genius of Wes Craven’s original “Nightmare on Elm Street”, how Robert Englund’s personality differentiated the character from Jason and Michael Myers, and […]

Caffeinated Comics – Hasbro Pulse Con

From Marvel Legends to Star Wars to Indiana Jones, Hasbro saves the best announcements for themselves. Jon, Steven and Elliott discuss how much more money action figures will take from them in 2023. Does the Marvel Legends treatment for Indy live up to expectations? Who wants an Avalanche figure? Why […]

Caffeinated Comics – HasLab HasLoses

A 4th version of a C list Marvel character for $350? What could possibly go wrong? Jon and Steven discuss the latest Marvel Legends Ghost Rider offering, if a 6 inch scale car is worth the Hot Toys price point, how it’s already lost the Robbie Reyes stretch goal and what […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn returns to the corner of the MCU he created! Elliott, Jon, Dave and Tom welcome writer Saurav Mohapatra to discuss what happens when a groundbreaking director makes a film that doesn’t surprise its audience, Gunn’s recurring theme of bad fathers and how the MCU is a step towards Peacemaker. […]

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