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Caffeinated Comics – Giant Lab 2023

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends has returned with another large figure! Steven tells Jon why the classic Avenger is already on his wish list, how Hasbro recovered from the failure of last year’s Engine of Destruction and whether a Quinjet is in the line’s future. Plus, McFarlane goes his own way, the […]

Caffeinated Comics – Top Men audio commentary: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

The final Indiana Jones movie is available on digital and Jon and Elliott are kicking off Labor Day weekend watching it. Listen to this podcast along with the movie as the two super fans discuss behind the scenes stories, production secrets and recollections of the entire franchise in real time. […]

Caffeinated Comics – Sad Fan Films

“Spider-Man: Lotus” cost $125,000. “The Flash” cost $200,000,000. And Jon and Elliott hate them both equally. How can a movie made out of love show no joy? How does the multiverse become formulaic? And what do both films miss about their core character? Plus, remembering the origin Harley Quinn, Arleen […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Star Trek Lens

How does Star Trek stay current while honoring its past? Jon welcomes Mr. Waynes Pop Culture Collectibles founder Mike Caplan to discuss all the series on Paramount Plus. How did “Picard” season 1 and 2 pave the way for the events of season 3? How does “Lower Decks” both parody […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Spider-Man Far From Home

Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom return to the MCU just as Peter Parker leaves for Europe. The crew discusses the epilogue of Phase 3, why rights issues keep Marvel’s flagship character from becoming the center of the cinematic universe and how live action can compete with “Into the Spider Verse”. […]

Caffeinated Comics – Good Omens 2 You

David Tennant and Michael Sheen are friends and Jon and Elliott like to talk about them. They discuss how the real life friendship of the stars informed the new story and how “Staged” changed the backdrop of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy. Plus, Barbie makes Lego Movie moves, Star Trek sings, and […]

Caffeinated Comics – 24 Hour Godzilla Party

Pluto TV has launched a 24 hour Godzilla channel, and Howie Weingarten is here for it. Jon and Howie discuss the highs and lows of the franchise and what uncovered gems there may be in the rubber suit genre. Plus, Howie hates “The Flash”, Barbie sells out, and remembering Paul […]

Caffeinated Comics – Post SDCC 2023

Hollywood skipped Comicon this year. Was there finally room for comics? Jon and Elliott take a look at all the announcements and how they harken back to the 90s. Plus, the constant rebooting of Daredevil, the silence of “Secret Invasion”,and were the aughts so bad it can’t sustain nostalgia? […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Summer of Box Office Disappointment

“Indiana Jones” continues to struggle, “The Flash” has slowed to a crawl and not even Tom Cruise can make a summer blockbuster possible. Jon and Elliott discuss what is keeping people out of the theaters, the ballooning budgets that don’t show up on screen,and why fans root for a franchise […]

Caffeinated Comics – Top Men: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s time. Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom welcome Indy super-fan and influencer Alex Arnold to discuss the latest and last Indiana Jones movie. Is it worth seeing on the big screen? Was it worth $300 million dollars? What is motivating the negativity online when most moviegoers are giving it positive […]

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