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Caffeinated Comics – The Cult of Sileo

Michele Sileo is back! Jon wants to talk “The Mandalorian” but Michele spent all her time watching “The Vow” and “Seduced”. They talk about how innocently cults can make contact, when you know it’s too late to leave and why NXIVM got so close to a Superman show. Plus […]

Caffeinated Comics – The Mandalection

Yeah, we couldn’t just geek talk this week. We had a protracted, crazy election week and Steven and Jon need to put their lib heads together and unpack it. Plus, Mandalorian season 2 is better than season 1, Hasbro kick-starts the ultimate Razor Crest ship, and Timothy Olyphant makes […]

Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Sean Connery

Jon’s on his own thinking about the iconic Scottish actor who passed away at the age of 90. Jon discusses the towering legacy of his James Bond, his work against type in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, and his unforgettable performance in “Time Bandits”, a classic film too […]

Caffeinated Comics – Decades of Horror

It’s an extra-long, extra spooky Halloween edition of “Caffeinated Comics”! Jon and Howie Weingarten take their time through each era of horror movies to figure out when they hit their peak. The silent era of Nosferatu? The Universal Monsters of the 30s? The Hammer films of the 60s? The […]

Caffeinated Comics – Lower Deck and High Office

Mike Drucker is back! The co head writer of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” is here to try to make sense of the world. Can we trust good news anymore? Should we hang on to terror? Should we ever go outside?Plus, “Star Trek Lower Decks” wraps up and makes […]

Caffeinated Comics – State of the Marvel Art

Does the House of Ideas still have good bones? Jon and Steven discuss the lengthy run of Nick Spencer’s “Amazing Spider-Man”, Donny Cates on “Thor”, and why you should be reading Dan Slott’s “Fantastic Four” but his “Iron Man” is a toss-up. Plus, Nick Fury gets a Disney+ show, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Thomas Arndt

If you ever wanted to see scarecrows fight zombies, you have one guy to thank. Jon talks to screenwriter Tom about his new film “Scarecrows Vs Zombies” premiering on Amazon Prime October 28, being a horror fanatic that gets a romantic comedy made, and how there is a robust […]

Caffeinated Comics – Hasbro Pulsecon

Hasbro their own Comicon! Jon and Steven discuss the Marvel Legends shift to classic comics in the light of no new movies, the joy of stupid villains, and why the Mandalorian is the next Sentinel. Plus, Jim Henson’s 84th birthday and how that helps quarantine. [EP194]

Caffeinated Comics – Little Chris Evans

Chris Evans shows us America’s, umm, yeah. CBS All Access re-brands while DC Universe shrinks. We have a She Hulk, Wanda/Vision even sooner and no Winter Soldier or Falcon on Disney +. All this and RBG will be discussed this week. [EP193]

Caffeinated Comics – Star Trek Day

CBS celebrates the 54th anniversary of the Final Frontier with panels on every series! Jon and Elliott Serrano discuss the different status each series enjoys from TOS to “Strange New Worlds” and how they evolve over the years, how to get over “Enterprise” reaching 20 years old, and how […]