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Caffeinated Comics – The Mandalorian

Four episodes in and Jon and Steven can not stop talking about the Disney+ Star Wars series. They discuss how baby Yoda has stolen all the attention from “The Rise of Skywalker”, if the highly publicized supporting cast have been relegated to cameos, and why the “Imagineers” series can […]

Caffeinated Comics – Joker 2

Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix sign up for another “Joker” movie but does anybody really need one? Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are in for another “Star Trek” movie but with the new series on CBS All Access, how will it fit in? Plus, remembering Tom Lyle, the futility […]

Caffeinated Comics – Disney+

The biggest development in streaming apps is here! Jon and Steven discuss how Netflix paved the way for Disney to eclipse them, what classic and obscure series they’re rediscovering, and LOTS of Mandalorian talk. Plus, that Jeff Goldblum show is exactly what you think it is. [EP149]

Caffeinated Comics – What We Left Behind

The definitive “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” documentary is out on digital! Jon and Steven discuss the cult series inside a cult franchise, how it was overlooked for decades until streaming took over, and why it’s the “New Mutants” of Star Trek. Plus, the onslaught of great X-Men figures, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Age of Apocalypse

Hasbro announces a full line of X-Men from the groundbreaking alternate reality! Jon and Steven discuss why the 90’s is still so prevalent for Marvel’s mutants, even while Jonathan Hickman is reinventing the franchise. Plus, action figures are like board games, Spider-Verse and Ant-Man return for sequels and snow […]

Caffeinated Comics – Scorcese Hates Superheroes

Can you like both “Goodfella” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”? Jon, Steven and Kevin Ryan discuss classic filmmakers Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola commenting on the sea change of cinema and how much weight their voice carries. Plus, a deep dissection of the final “Star Wars: the Rise […]

Caffeinated Comics – Batman Casting

A new Catwoman, a new Riddler and a Penguin drops out in Matt Reeves’ new movie. Jon and Steven discuss if the franchise has broken the multiple villain curse, what this new film may owe to Ben Affleck’s aborted version and why the Joker won’t show up. Plus, the […]

Caffeinated Comics – CW Continuity

It’s Crisis on Multiple Series! Jon and Steven discuss the stunt castings, the legacy of DC on television and whether interconnected continuity keeps away a new audience as it caters to existing fans. Also, quitting paper monthly comics, when hardcover graphic novels are worth it, and why it’s hard […]

Caffeinated Comics – Joker

Is it the greatest movie of the year or the greatest episode of “Gotham?” Jon, Steven and Kevin Ryan discuss the self-contained universe, the real-life mental illness it confronts, the debt the movie owes not only to Martin Scorcese but Heath Ledger and if there’s anyone to root for […]

Caffeinated Comics – SMG Podcast Marathon 2019

Live with Art Balthazar! Jon and Steven appear at the Blue Box Cafe to discuss George Lucas’ comments on Disney’s “Star Wars” movies with Elliott Serrano. Then legendary DC cartoonist Art Balthazar gets involved and keeps everyone on stage for his podcast, A Famous Cartoonist Says Things with his […]