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Caffeinated Comics – Farewell to the Golden Age of Streaming

The internet promised every movie and show available at our fingertips forever. So why are platforms taking content away? Co-authors Wally Podrazik and Harry Castleman talk to Jon about the hard realities of running a media empire. Why did the big companies overspend on making their own programs? How […]

Caffeinated Comics – Super Bowl 2023

That football game with lots of commercials happened Sunday and it came with a bunch of trailers. Jon and Elliott discuss 30 new seconds of Indiana Jones, 2 and a half minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy, some Transformers and Fast and the Furious and whatever time the Flash fever […]

Caffeinated Comics – Todd Allen

“Comixology is a dead man walking”. Amazon has had quite a time with its digital comics platform. An upgrade that broke the app. 75% of the staff fired. An angry customer base. Tanking sales. Todd Allen’s article in The Comics Beat gave the best look into the ongoing disaster and […]

Caffeinated Comics – Top Men: Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s finally here! We’re counting down to the release of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” with a super-sized look at “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom welcome Marvel and DC artist Tom Feister to discuss the impact Spielberg and Lucas’ movie had on 1981, […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel brings it all together for the biggest film crossover in history! Jon, Elliott, Dave, Tom and Steven Brown discuss the massive cast, how the pacing keeps the multiple plotlines from getting lost or confused and just how little they care about conventions like bringing a new audience or having […]

Caffeinated Comics – White Savior with Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman

Jon and Elliott team up for a double interview with Marvel and DC superstar Eric Nguyen and his writing partner Scott Burman. They discuss Eric’s Image-inspired influences as he broke into the business and Scott’s comedy background as they joined together to create the comedy adventure for Dark Horse! Plus, […]

Caffeinated Comics – Indiana Jones and the Last Merchandise

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is coming and that means (finally) Indy stuff hitting shelves! Jon and Elliott discuss the spotty history of Indiana Jones action figures, the rise of cosplay and prop replicas and how long companies will actually make the stuff this time. Plus, why there’s […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

James Gunn takes time out of taking over DC and making Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to drop a Disney Plus special! Jon, Elliott and Tom discuss how the special stands alone and teases the next movie, how rotoscoping animation feels more Tolkien than Santa and why the MCU Kevin Bacon […]

Caffeinated Comics – Black Adam Sucks

There’s no way around it. After years in production, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson releases a half-baked movie. Jon and Elliott discussed the commitment to both super hero and action movie cliches, a weak supporting cast and the rush to HBO Max after dismal box office receipts. Plus, how Henry Cavill’s […]

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