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Sports Dorks – It’s Kind of in the Title

S3E9: Slobberknockers. Curtain Pullers. Somebody goes OFF on Bandwagon Cubs fans. (Hint: It wasn’t Scott.) Watch Andy get pissed off THEN get pissed on.

Destination Eat Drink – Glasgow, Scotland

EP43: Deep Fried Candy Bars, Projectile Pies, and a Wee Dram. This week we’re in Glasgow, Scotland

Show Notes:

Horse Shoe Bar Victoria-era bar to get a Scotch Pie

The Bite Goes On – Christian Cartano

EP47: Prior Bite guest, Patti Britton (Episode 31) suggested that we should hear Farmer Christian Cartano’s story on our podcast. We are so glad that we did, as Christian arrived with an enormous lug of beautiful heirloom tomatoes for us.

As a longtime vegetarian, Chris’ journey from Ohio to Northern […]

Car Guys Report – Refrigerator with headlights!

Remember the Cadillac Catera?  Didn’t think so.  Marc and Lou talk about some famous car flops.  This story and more! [Ep19]

And Friends – Not Dead Yet!

Kimmy explains to Tommy and Samuel what woman do with tampons. Samuel’s Florida stories start a debate on who deserves to be robbed; elderly or oil companies. Plus a Cajun man joins the team!  All this and more on SEASON 2 of “And Friends!”  (Ep05)

Shut It Down – Saving GI Jodi

EP142: Salute Taffertins! It is time to fall in line for another amazing Shut It Down episode! On this adventure, we travel to Littleton, CO to “GI Jodi’s Bar & Grill.” It’s owned by a woman named Jodi, whose father served in the armed forces (big for Jon!) and […]

Stephs In The City – Blowin’ Their Wad

EP29: What’s Poppin’, Sex Position of the Day, Listener feedback plus new music from Compass & Cavern and a lot more!

Back 2 You – Howard and Steve

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville have actually both been on one of TV’s iconic game shows—and Steve tells about his experience with Henry Winkler while Howard had specific directions on how to deal with Whoopi Goldberg. (EP16)

Flippin Out Radio – 9/24/19

James Flippin and Mike Montone discuss Shane Gillis and the SNL ouster, offensive stereotypes about dry cleaners, even though James didn’t leave the review, why taking greenies out of baseball was a bad idea, Justin Trudeau in blackface, the latest Kavanaugh smear, arson tied into incest, and Domingo German […]

Caffeinated Comics – Batman Day 2019

Batman is 80! Jon, Steven and Lisa Brown discuss where Bruce Wayne is now. Can Tom King leave lasting change on the character? Where is the line between intense and two-dimensional? Blue or black? Plus, does Batman need a secret identity?