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The Mr Nailsin Show – Follow The Guano!

Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Biden’s sexual assault allegations and China’s responsibility for the outbreak. A Florida man claimed choking his girlfriend was only a demonstration. Bubba Stargone confronts a man claiming to be Johnny Ray! A Florida woman attacks a man with a candy cane. Doug reviews another […]

The Bite Goes On – The Garden Society

Erin Gore Just when we think we are going to talk about gardens or tea parties, we meet Erin Gore who has created The Garden Society. Garden Society is a female founded, (Wrin Gore and Karli Warner) Sonoma County-based cannabis company with a mission of helping educate women on […]

Destination Eat Drink – Viktor Krauss

Pilsner beer in the Czech Republic, the best Indian food in Nashville and Glasgow, and Def Leppard T-shirts. We talk with musician, composer, arranger, and songwriter Viktor Krauss about getting the call to play bass in Lyle Lovett’s Large Band, growing up and performing in Champaign, Illinois as a […]

The Wine Makers – Cathy Huyghe

Cathy is the co-founder and CEO of Enolytics, a big data startup providing business intelligence for the wine industry. She also currently writes for Forbes.com about the business and politics of the wine industry, and for Inc.com about entrepreneurs with a special focus on women. She is the author […]

Free Kicks – Project Restart

Adam and Rick discuss the possible restarting of the Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Champions League and more, plus Adam recommends more soccer movies and documentaries. [Ep67]

Car Guys Report – Is that a Bear in the back seat?

Hyundai brings the sounds of nature to a car interior near you! This story and more!  [Ep50]

Stephs In The City – Stop, Drop and Roll

What’s Poppin’, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announce divorce, Lizzo’s birthday week, having sex might cure what? Plus NEW MUSIC from Lauren Strange and a lot more! [EP58]

Planted – Danny Murr-Sloat

Sara and Danny Murr-Sloat, cultivator and owner of AlpinStash, a Colorado-based craft cannabis company, discuss his path to health through medical cannabis use, the process of craft cannabis cultivation and some of AlpinStash’s original genetics. [EP10]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Swipes Left

Kimmy explains how Tom Hanks’ blood might become key to save everyone. Samuel has a way to spice up your Zoom meeting with Florida goats. Tommy gets a tangent going based on the question: “What makes you unmatch instantly on dating sites?”  All that and more on “And Friends!” […]

MM Celebrity Interview – Robbie Rist

Rick and Dave interview Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch–Robbie Rist [Ep19]