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Lossano and Friends – Special Race Discussion

Taped 10/08/16 (The day after the Access Hollywood bus video was released) Photographer Malrie Sonier joined in on the discussion with Tony Lossano, Vickie Eisenstein, Evie Olson, Jen DeSalvo, and Chris Cwaik. Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends! Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends! [EpV07]

The Wine Makers – For the Love of Grenache

This week we decided to “honor” one of our favorite grapes. Grenache doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other varietals despite being THE most widely planted grape in the world. We invited on four of the local Grenache Masters; Casey Graybehl, the Grenachista, Peter Mathis from […]

Destination Eat Drink – Crete

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo, tells us about her recent stay in Crete and the wonderful food she had there including a simple dish called dakos, real Greek salad, and Cretan moonshine. Plus Nora tells me the best tattoo story I’ve ever heard. [EP78]

Show Notes:

Nora’s website The […]

The Bite Goes On – Mark Malicki, Casino Bar & Grill

Mark Malicki has worked in a wide variety of dining establishments including his past restaurant that he owned called Café Saint Rose. Now he situated at the Casino Bar and Grill in the little town of Bodega. Casino Bar & Grill was opened in 1874 as a mercantile. Transformed […]

Stephs In The City – Dr Fauci’s Panties

Cannabis could help treat COVID-19. Tickets issued at crowded Toronto park why?! Plus listener feedback, new music from Danny Smart and a lot more!

And Friends – The One Where Joey Graduates

Kimmy explains PETA’s newest attack on Animal Crossings. Samuel takes you to Florida for paint fights and street pancakes. Tommy gets deep with the graduating class of 2020.   All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep33)

Free Kicks – Soccer’s New Reality

Adam and Rick analyze the best and the worst of soccer’s new reality in Germany. They also update what is happening here in America, and when we can expect the Premier League to return. [Ep70]

MM Celebrity Interview – Aaron Freeman

Rick and Dave interview satirist, playwright, NPR host, comedian; Aaron Freeman. [Ep22]

Car Guys Report – Hidden headlights are cool!

Some of the coolest cars come with hidden headlights and Marc and Lou have the list! This story and more! [Ep54]

Lossano and Friends – The Proposal

Amy Landecker (Amazon Prime’s Transparent), John Records Landecker (Chicago radio veteran), Jen DeSalvo (NBC Chicago/WGN radio), Amy Zanglin (Nude Hippo) join Jim Gronemann, Ashley Lobo, Chris Cwiak, Ann Sheehan and Tony Lossano.  Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends!⠀ Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends!  [EpV06]