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Minutia Men – 05/04/19

EP133: Rick and Dave discuss Chef Boyardee, BSing rich guys, beer you’d never drink, all the Cubs named May, Rick’s brush with ex-Cub outfielder Jose Cardenal, and they interview humorist author Sheila Moeschen.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Green Lazers!

EP251: Doug Red & Lefty discuss Barr,Chris Cuomo plus perverts,trailer trash prison romance and stoned idiots shooting fire flies. Meanwhile Night Knight continues his early years. Finally an update on the Mercedes Carrera case

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Sports Dorks – Shasta Get Put Down

Take two steps back during a rain out and learn why Scott has never been more appropriately disappointed in Andy.

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Free Kicks – 05/04/19

EP37: Adam and Rick talk about the Player of the Year awards, the craziest game of the season, and take a quiz about the dirtiest players of all-time.

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Destination Eat Drink – Tuscany

EP22: Paul Cullen, former bassist for rock band Bad Co. talks about living the life of a rock star and reinventing himself as a chef and somellier. Along the way he shares stories about trying Châteauneuf-du-Pape in the back of a tour bus, eating dinner with AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, and hosting tours of […]

The Wine Makers – Source & Sink Wine

The guys sit down with Rande Feldman & Aaron Cherny from the newly released Source & Sink Wines. Two guys from Chicago meet in Sonoma and start a new brand with unique varietals and a fresh attitude.

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The Bite Goes On – John McReynolds

On this episode, we travel the world on a Chef’s journey and love affair for food and travel. Chef John McReynolds has cooked on the range, on the sea, for celebrities and was a hometown Chef / Partner of Cafe La Haye in Sonoma. For the past 10 years, he has been the Chef […]

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Shut It Down – Uncivil War

EP119: Taffertins! We got you another great dose of Bar Rescue! This go around, we have our good friend Jordon Ferber (@jordonferber) ready to talk about a bar located in Jon Taffer’s hometown…Las Vegas. The name of the bar “Eliphino”…and we won’t take the time to explain how that came to be. The owner […]

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Lossano and Friends! – 04/30/19

EP122: ABC-7’s Karen Jordan, NBC 5’s Christian Farr, and comedian Carly Ballerini, join Tony Lossano to discuss falling asleep during a TV interview, Conan O’Brien negging people, using headshots for practical jokes, getting trapped in an elevator, having John Oates at your BBQ, Chicago’s next mayor and Tony’s niece liked the color blue a […]

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Caffeinated Comics – Avengers: Endgame

**SPOILERS** Jon, Steven, Lisa Brown, Tina Canfield and Joe Pakovits go deep into the SPOILERS of the most SPOILERIFIC Marvel movie ever made. Plot points, character resolutions, tone and crying will all be discussed. SPOILERS!

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