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The Bite Goes On – Patti Britton

EP31: We are all faced with many buying decisions every day of our lives. Patti Britton of Britton Design works towards influencing us in our wine and food choices in her role as a packaging designer (amongst other graphic design projects). Patti started her graphic design career working for design studios in San Francisco, […]

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The Car Guys Report – 06/06/19

EP4: With car show season underway, it’s the Car Shows Show…with Marc and Lou!

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Shut It Down – Driving Miss Tara

EP124: Vroom vroom Taffertins! Here we are again…another episode of Bar Rescue covered for your listening pleasure. The title…Driving Miss Tara. Why, do you ask? Because there is a bar owner named Tara who is escorted around town by the general manager named Doug. So wild! This is the least of the issues with […]

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Stephs In The City – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for that Sh*t

Illinois approves marijuana legalization bill, Sex Position of the Day new music from Rob Flax and a lot more!

The Prussman Hour – 06/04/19

EP85: Stacey and Angela are back after Stacey’s mom’s hospital stay, they discuss Stacey’s enormous ears, Their personalities, Angela’s fitbit, Stacey’s f$ckbit, fitness routines, Angela ‘s weight loss competition, Johnny Benson’s famous 4th of July party and much more.

Caffeinated Comics – Tom King’s Career

The writer of “Batman” leaves “Batman”! Jon and Steven discuss what factored in Tom King’s dismissal from the flagship title, how “Batman/Catwoman” commits to his 100 issue story and why he’s writing a “New Gods” movie. Plus, is “Amazing Spider-Man” the most consistent title in comics history

Wine Women – Peter Mathis

EP1: Peter Mathis, Mathis Wine, Sonoma Valley Grenache. How does a furniture maker become a winemaker? What happens when your artist roommate asks you to simplify your message, and you’re so tired from trying to nail your marketing message you say, “Look, I just grow it, and I make it”? Answer: it ends up […]

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Sports Dorks – Bring The Cow!

EP239: Scott & Andy agree that St. Louis is boring, make multiple references to The Outsiders, play poker with a German, and so much more.

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Minutia Men – 06/01/19

EP137: Rick and Dave interview the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Buckinghams Carl Giammarese, former Chicago Cub Carmen Fanzone, the Kent State photographer John Filo, writer and satirist James Finn Garner and Fox 32’s Dane Placko!

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Mulling It Over And Over!

EP255: Doug, Lefty & Red fight over Muller’s statement. A man steals from his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money to pay for erotic massage. A snake rises from a toilet to bite a man. Can Bubba Stargone save Admiral Johnny Ray and Dr Tushy Cheeks? A woman beats her wife over wet marijuana. Doug […]

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