This dynamic mother-daughter duo was exciting to talk with on this week’s show. First, they have a very unique winery model: Lorenza Wine focuses solely upon producing amazing rosé. No whites. No reds. Just rosé.

Second, they recently branched out into canned Spritz Rosé, which we got to taste. Packaged in an elegant 4-pack with a shimmering finish, their wine is likely the most elegant thing we’ve ever drank from a can! But we’re getting ahead of the story….

We wanted to hear all about their decision to go into business together. Melinda (Mindy) Kearney is a long-time veteran of the wine industry. And her daughter, Michele Lorenza Ouillet, is an international fashion model, with lengthy experience on the catwalks of Europe’s fashion houses.

Lorenza Rosé was founded in 2008. Sharing a love of the beautiful Provençal Rosé, they set out to create in California a wine of intention that was vineyard driven, delicate, dry, low alcohol and full of light. In 2008 they hit the road, destination Lodi with a phone number of someone they hadn’t yet met. Old vines they believed would lend the wine complexity and authenticity and would feed their desire to create a wine of substance–something real.  Strangers became friends and doors generously opened to the outstanding vineyards that have been the source of Lorenza True Rosé.

Tune as the co-hosts hear about the sandy soil of the California Delta, home to the old vineyards that provide the grapes from which Lorenza is made. The Bechthold Vineyard Cinsault was planted in 1847.  Spenker Ranch, the original source of Carignan in their blend, was planted in 1906. Head trained, own rooted vines, weathered and with stories to tell, these vines are central to the blend which was inspired by the Bandol icon, Domaine Tempier. Hand picked, direct to press with fermentation in separate stainless steel tanks allows the individual lots to develop and express their beauty fully before the final blending.

Their first vintages caught the attention of sommeliers who were looking for an American-made, Provence-style Rosé. The wine continues to deliver a consistent flavor profile with a sun-kissed mineral driven palate, 11% alcohol and pale hue.

Listen in as this energetic team discusses their excitement over launching their new wine club and first canned wine (which was delicious)! We found their ebullience so refreshing (just like their wine!) and infectious. You’ll be smiling and cheering on their latest endeavors.

Learn more at: Lorenza Wine  |  Instagram  @LorenzaRose