What on earth is “wine compliance”? And why is it important? These are questions best answered by our guest, Ann Reynolds, chief compliance officer and founder of Wine Compliance Alliance in Napa, California. Ann’s been working in wine compliance for more than 20 years and founded her business 10 years. Ann’s services include everything from ensuring a winery’s wine labels meets current TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) regulations to compliance training. She runs a busy YouTube channel providing this service and to keep clients abreast of the ever-changing regulations.

Ann has worked in many roles in the wine industry, from tasting room associate to lab technician, as well as adjunct faculty at Napa Valley College. She’s saved wineries thousands of dollars over the decades using her preventive measures (i.e. good compliance records) to ensure recordkeeping and reporting meets standards and regulations. On the show, Ann discusses the evolution of recordkeeping in the industry, from handwritten notes and forms through the modern use of digital recording.

Listen in to learn why you can’t put “Carneros” on your label if someone forgets to record “Carneros” on the crush pad weigh tags (example only). Also learn why these regulations exist in the first place. Ann explains the regulations about what percentage of grapes must originate from Napa Valley vineyards in order to put “Napa Valley” on the label. (Hint: It’s not 100%) Further, Ann goes into why it’s important to maintain and enforce reasonable regulations for the industry. | Wine Compliance Alliance