Sonoma’s Best’s Wine Director, Todd Jolly, welcomed the members and winemakers of the Historical Vineyard Society, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of California’s historic vineyards, to a walkaround tasting, sampling wines from these vineyards. Meanwhile, the hosts hunkered down in a corner of Sonoma’s Best to taste the wines and meet with the winemakers. Listen in as they talk about these legendary California vineyards with Joel Peterson of Once and Future Wine, and Mike Officer, Carlisle Winery, and many more. See the show segment times and list of guests below if you’d like to fast forward to a specific guest discussion.  [EP23]

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7:30 – Lynn Wheeler, Winemaker, Edith & Ida
17:00 – Emily Rasmussen, Historical Vineyard Society
26:00 – Joel Peterson, Once & Future Wine
39:00 – Andrew Nalle, Vintner/Winemaker, Nalle WInery
50:00 – Christopher Sawyer, Sommelier
1:06 – Mike Officer, Vintner/Winemaker, Carlisle Winery
1:15 – Todd Jolly, Wine Director, Sonoma’s Best