Flambeaux are the dancing torchbearers of New Orleans’ Carnival, representing tradition, light, dance and joy. Flambeaux was named after these torchbearers as they are an historic symbol of the hometown of the Murray family, their native New Orleans. Founded by the Murray Family, Flambeaux Wine makes hand-crafted, limited-production wines that capture the essence of the Flambeaux Dry Creek Valley Estate Vineyard, as well as other world-class Sonoma County vineyards. Art Murray joined the hosts for a fun tasting of the elegant Flambeaux wines, along with discussion about how the recent Kincade Fire impacted the North Bay community. Their wines have both the complexity an ardent oenophile expects and the approachability that someone new to wine demands, while reflecting the tradition, celebration and joie de vivre of Mardi Gras. FlambeauxWine.com