If you make wine, sell wine, ship wine, or drink wine, the conversations and presentations that took place here matter to you. We learned about emerging technologies, new tactics, eminent legal threats, changing consumption and much more over 2 days in Concord. If you couldn’t make it to the conference, missed a speaker you wanted to see or want to learn more about a presentation, this episode is for you. Over the course of 10 guests and nearly 4 and half hours of recording, we bring the DTC Wine Symposium directly to you! So buckle up and maybe head out for a road trip, this one is a journey! [Ep306]

Timestamp list of guests:
Cathy Huyghe, Enolytics 00:35
Lulie Halstead, Gérard Basset Foundation 22:03
Steve Gross, The Wine Institute 47:43
Walter Carter, Danza Del Sol Winery 1:23:40
Liz Thach MW, Wine Market Council 1:47:00
Jennie Gilbert, Red Chirp 2:12:05
Kat Gordon, The 3% Movement  2:38
Jennifer Freebairn, Lasseter Family Winery and Philipe Theibaud, Stone Edge Farm Winery 3:08:25
Rishad Tobaccowalla, Publicis Groupe 3:48