When Orson Welles famously slurred “We will sell no wine before its time,” he must have been talking about Slow Wine! The Slow Food Movement began 35 years ago, to celebrate local and traditional, to be thoughtful about where food comes from and how it was farmed—to be the opposite of fast food. Recently Slow Wine picked up from there, celebrating artisanal, thoughtful wine. In the process they created the world’s first wine guide where the baseline for inclusion is farming without synthetic herbicides. It’s the NO ROUND UP Wine Guide! Wine journalist and organic specialist Pam Strayer is an Editor of the Slow Wine Guide USA. Pam caught the organic bug when her work in health care journalism led her to the Pesticide Use Report and found out what farmers in California were really spraying in their fields.  In addition to the Slow Wine Guide, you can find Pam’s work on WineBusiness.com and her own page Wine Country Geographic. [Ep303]