Glenn Proctor – Puccioni Vineyards & Ciatti Company Glenn’s family immigrated to Dry Creek Valley in 1889 knowing they knew they wanted to invest in property. This led them to purchase Puccioni Ranch in 1904, the family has continuously farmed grapes on the property, and in the early 1920’s and 30’s operated Puccioni Winery. Today, Glenn is one of the proud owners of Puccioni Ranch and serves as the General Manager. In 2002 Glenn started Puccioni Vineyards, a small handcrafted Old Vine Zinfandel brand using the grapes from his family’s property.
In 2003 he joined The Ciatti Company, the world’s largest broker of bulk wine and grapes and became a partner in 2003. After attending Healdsburg High School he graduated from California State University Fresno with a BA in Viticulture/Plant Science and then continued at UC Davis where he earned a master’s degree in Horticulture. Glenn has served on many wine industry boards over his career. We dive pretty deep into his family’s vineyard and the wines they produce. We begin to talk about the bulk wine and grape business but there is a whole other show that we will have to revisit. This is a great show not to be missed. [Ep283]