It’s warming. It’s us. We’re sure. It’s bad. But we can fix it.

We are so excited to have this Sonoma Native on the podcast this week.  After speaking to the international public for close to fifteen years about sustainability, climate scientist Dr. Nicholas realized that concerned people were getting the wrong message about the climate crisis. People were focusing on things they couldn’t change, hoping for systems to be put in place and for big business to step in and make changes. But what she knows it’s people like you and me that need to make a difference. Her book is a guide to help you make a difference, to help your community make a difference. Listen to the show, buy the book and read it. But while you’re reading it, start making some changes in how you treat the world today. The planet is going to be here, it’s how we exist on this planet that is changing, time to get to work. [EP261]

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