From Napa to Burgundy to washable labels. This week’s show was not really about wine but what does “wine” need to do to be truly sustainable. The work sustainable has been used and thrown around so much it really doesn’t mean anything. I mean spraying a herbicide on the ground directly under your grapevines?

Ok, that’s not what this show was about. We had a great conversation about a lot of things. Diana makes wine to two of the most coveted growing areas in the world, Burgundy and Napa Valley. She has installed a system in Burgundy to capture the carbon dioxide from the fermenters during harvest. Her newest project focused on a wine called Snowden Cousins, organically grown grapes with reusable bottles, no foils and water soluble labels. This show will have a part 2 and by that time we hope you will have heard more about this. What would you think about collecting bottles to be reused? Recycling is great but why melt down the bottles, why not reuse them?