This week we have Adam Lee the founder of Clarice Wine Company on the podcast. He began working with wine in 1989 at a retail store in Austin, Texas. At the time, he also dabbled in restaurant wine sales, and briefly pulled a bag as a wine distributor sales rep. A few years later, he began working as the Wine Buyer at Neiman Marcus in Dallas. In 1993, he moved to California and, while working in direct sales at various wineries, they started Siduri Wines in 1994. Siduri Wines quickly became known as one of California’s premier Pinot Noir producers and grew from 107 cases in 1994 to 25,000 cases in 2015. In 2015 Siduri Wines was sold to Jackson Family Winery. Clarice Wine Company is a new and truly unique type of winery, combining aspects of an online wine community, a wine education website, and a limited-enrollment wine club. Adam has focused on two Pinot Noir vineyards in the  Santa Lucia Highlands the Garys’ and Rosella’s Vineyards. Did we mention that the wines are delicious? [EP243]