This episode started with Bart entering he and Sam in the 1st. Annual Stemple Creek BBQ Classic. But with careful consideration they decided that maybe instead of being one of ten contestants at the first event maybe they were best suited to be the only podcast to record at this soon to be famous event. Now you might be asking what does the Stemple Creek Ranch, a certified organic ranch raising grass fed cattle, lambs and free range Berkshire cross pigs that are raised in a large grove of Eucalyptus trees have to do with the wine industry. More than you would imagine which I think will become evident after listening to this show. Then enters the pitmaster Chuck “The Flavor Train” Matto and it seems like maybe Bart & Sam are there just to taste some good BBQ. Congratulations have to go out to the winner Dave Ross from Pueblo BBQ. We hope you enjoy this week’s show and throw something on the BBQ to enjoy with friends and family. [EP239]