While studying chemistry at the University of Colorado at Denver, Danielle sensed that laboratory research was not fulfilling her passion. Throughout her young adult life, Danielle’s father, shared his love of wine, continually encouraged her to move to California and explore winemaking. Finally, in the late summer of 2013, she took his advice and moved to Sonoma. That year Danielle had her first opportunity in the wine industry working as a cellar intern for harvest at the Kamen Estate.

Dan, armed with a background in geology and a passion for organic agriculture. Dan moved to California with his soon to be wife, Danielle in early 2014. Phil Coturri gave him his start in wine-growing where he worked with the vineyard crews at Kamen Estate. Over his six years working with Enterprise Vineyards, Dan studied all aspects of organic farming, including biodynamic agriculture and Korean natural farming. While Dan keeps very busy in the vineyards, he is also known to lend a hand in the winery whenever needed. Dan is an integral part of the husband and wife Jambe de Bois Wines team.

Jambe de Bois was born out of Danielle’s yearning to study winemaking and develop her own unique style. Every vintage is different not only because of the weather that shapes it, but also the experimental and bold techniques employed to make the wine. “Jambe de Bois is her creative outlet. These small batches of wine are meant to be a discovery of different winemaking processes as I learn more every year. One thing I know about wine, is I will never be done learning.”