Just the name makes you wonder about the wines and who makes them. It all started with Syrah, funny how a lot of our winemaking guests have told us it started that way. Matt Nagy and Ben Brenner both found their way to California from the East Coast working at different wineries in Napa Valley. In 2013 they came together and started making Syah from the Las Madres Vineyard in Carneros. Now they are sourcing grapes from the Alder Spring vineyard in the farthest reaches of Mendocino County and down to Carmel Valley in Monterey County. All with the focus of sourcing the best grapes and staying out of the way. Minimal intervention is likely the best way to describe our winemaking style. “The idea of the winemaker is to be the reliable translator – to take what was made in the vineyard from sun, water, and soil and let it become the finest wine that it can be.” With that much time spent on the car I hope they are all caught up with all the episodes of The Winemakers Podcast. Check out this week’s show and Matt & Ben’s wines. [EP170]