To me a Journeyman is someone who has spent their career learning from those around them, expanding their knowledge and then sharing with their peers.  If we agree on that then Mike Drash is truly a Journeyman since his first position at DeLoach Winery then on to J winery in the Russian River Valley. Next moving to the Napa Valley working at Far Niente and as Winemaker at Luna Vineyard and his own brand Tallulah. But not until taking a winemaking position in Southern Minnesota that he had to take all that experience and apply it to varieties and grape growing conditions unlike anything he had worked with, another time to learn. 2020 finds Mike taking on another chance to learn as winemaker for Stone Tower Winery in Virginia,  I wonder if Thomas Jefferson would have anything to share with Mike. Hope you enjoy this week’s show, but you can’t listen until you have voted.