Left a good job in the City, working for the Man every night and day. In 2016, Todd Cavallo and his wife Crystal left their jobs in finance and bought a farm in upstate New York. The plan was to grow vegetables, make wine, raise chickens, and collaborate with like-minded people to create a biodynamic farm. They have gotten a lot of attention for their Piquette, a wine based beverage made by using the once used grape skins, fermenting them again and doing a dosage before bottling or canning. It’s low alcohol, refreshing, delicious, fresh and cool. They have also made still wines from a grape called Marquette, a hybrid grape created by Cornell, their U.C. Davis on the East coast. For all of us that have wanted to truly “drop out & tune-in”, this show is for you.


Wild Arc Farm, 918 Hill Ave, Pine Bush, NY 12566