In this brand-new episode, Nick is joined by comedian, writer, and actor Jon Rudnitsky, who was not only a cast member for one season of “Saturday Night Live,” but he was also the very first guest on this podcast!! Nick and Jon catch up, chat about the best SNL bits ever, and talk about what Jon has been up to for the past two years (including stand-up tours, television, and movies), as well as what’s happening next for him. Plus, Nick and Jon discuss their mutual obsession with the film “Magnolia,” and recap some great SNL stories (like the time Miley Cyrus licked his face, and the nightmare of working on the episode that Donald Trump hosted during the Presidential campaign), and he tells an unbelievably hilarious story about how Matthew McConaughey was molesting him, while Bill Murray was wrestling Jay Pharoah down the hall….you just gotta hear it. [Ep70]