We all know that “Saturday Night Live” has had some pretty incredible and funny surprise celebrity cameos over the years. Since the very beginning, SNL has had a wonderful habit of bringing out celebrities to have some fun, and shock audiences at home and in the studio by simply popping on stage. In this episode, Nick looks back at some of the more recent surprise cameos that delighted audiences everywhere. Included are the out of the blue appearances by Barbra Streisand, Bernie Sanders, Lindsay Buckingham, and the most recent shocker: Scarlett Johansson, whose portrayal Republican Senator Katie Britt was hilarious, brutal, and scarily on-the-money. You’ll hear the sketches and cameos, and the stories behind the appearances themselves. Since there have been so many great ones to choose from, this is just Part 1 of “SURPRISE!!! SNL Cameos.” [Ep66]