Sometimes sketches bomb so badly that they never make it to air. In this episode of “That Show…”, we look back at a supremely weird sketch called: “A Song For Daddy,” that is widely considered to be one of the biggest trainwrecks in the history of SNL. The components were all there: a completely absurd premise; an inexperienced, unfunny host who was a total pain in the ass to deal with (Justin Bieber); the wrong props that didn’t work; lighting and sound cues that were missed; a piece of the set that fell and almost killed the host; the audience being filled with loud prepubescent girls with ‘Bieber Fever’ (who definitely didn’t care about the jokes); and a final moment in which one of the cast members almost saves the sketch by commenting on how awful it was. “A Song for Daddy” never made it to air, but here, you will hear the entire sketch as it was performed in Dress Rehearsal, and you will hear from the writers of the sketch (John Soloman, Bill Hader and Rob Klein) and the cast (Hader, Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson) who had the unenviable task of performing this nightmare. How did this happen? You will get the back story on the creation, the aftermath and the legacy of one of the most notorious unaired sketches ever.  [Ep63]