The Oscars and “Saturday Night Live,” believe it or not those worlds have crossed paths several times. In this episode, Nick tells you about everyone who has worked in the hallowed halls of Studio 8H, that has ever been nominated for, or won, an Academy Award. From some surprising acting nominations (yes, Dan Aykroyd has really been nominated for an acting Oscar), to nominations in categories like Best Score, Best Short Film, Best Screenplay and more. Scenes from the award nominated movies are played, details of the films and performances are given, and you’ll hear stories about SNL alums like: Kristen Wiig, Marc Shaiman, Bill Murray, Adam McKay, Joan Cusack, Howard Shore, Eddie Murphy and more. Awards Season is in full swing, and this episode will give you all the trivia and knowledge you need to know when you attend that Oscar party in March. SNL, and The Academy Awards! [EP52]