Nick celebrates 20 years of Kenan Thompson, who holds the record for longest tenured SNL cast member of all time. You will hear about Thompson’s early life and career, his time performing on Nickelodeon kid’s shows, his own sit-com, movies, and his 20 seasons on “Saturday Night Live.” You’ll learn about how he almost left the show after his disastrous first season, but stuck to it, thanks to encouragement from a truly great SNL veteran, and his own determination. He has gone from underrated, ignored, underutilized, and often dismissed performer, to respected elder statesman, and consistently brilliant highlight reel…one of the best cast members in the history of the show. You will hear details about Thompson’s new memoir, “When I was Your Age,” and also in this fun episode, “What’s Up With That?”, “Black Jeopardy,” and “Family Feud” are represented, and you’ll get visits from LaVar Ball, Willie the Happy Neighbor, and the one and only Sump’n Claus. Yes…20 Years of Kenan! [EP51]