Nick talks about Cecily Strong’s incredible Weekend Update Feature piece in which she played “Goober The Clown.” On September 1st, 2021, Texas effectively banned abortions, leading to other bans and changes in policy and law. So, in response to the ban, on the November 6th 2021 episode of SNL, Strong wrote an Update piece in which she revealed her very personal experience with abortion and its effect on her life….only she was dressed as Goober the Clown while delivering the monologue. The result is one of the most important, devastating, revealing and hilarious pieces ever presented on the show, a feature so personal, funny and biting, that it caused a groundswell of support (and a fair share of hatred and controversy), and a big change in what was presented on Weekend Update, by opening the doors for other performers to follow. You will learn about the writing of the piece (hearing audio from Strong and her two co-writers), it’s first performances, and how it played live in the studio, and around the country, on that fateful night. You will also hear this remarkable sketch/feature in its entirety. Cecily Strong will go down in history as one of the best cast members in the history of SNL, and “Goober the Clown” is easily her crowning achievement. [EP38]