Nick looks back at acts, sketches, films, characters and moments that were not only edgy and took some risks, but were (and still remain) completely subversive. From the start, Saturday Night Live was inherently ballsy, risky, edgy and counter-cultural. From the drug-fueled humor, to the young cast and attitude, to the progressively anti-establishment material, SNL was based on the idea of thumbing your nose at authority, and being proud of it. Some material worked, some didn’t. Some sketches felt forced, and some still hold up today, but some things truly crossed into the world of the subversive. Nick talks about (and plays back) some of the most subversive things to ever appear on SNL, including: Andy Kaufman’s crazy act, Albert Brooks’ brilliant short films, Terry Sweeney’s brutally funny drag-imitation of Nancy Reagan, and one of the most insanely trouble-making, angry, and brave animated pieces that Robert Smigel ever put together. It’s all here, celebrating SNL’s strangest, most political, risky, and yes…subversive moments. [EP35]