Nick talks about the history of Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update,’ including the name changes (it was called other things including ‘SNL Newsbreak’ for a bit), the format tinkering, and the seasons when, inexplicably, they thought it was a good idea to actually let the guest hosts anchor Update (yes, that terrible idea turned out to be a disaster). You’ll hear clips from years of Update’s past, including the times when Don Rickles, Michael Douglas and George Carlin guest anchored, and you’ll hear the older news stories that bring back crazy memories as well. Nick talks about all 32 (yes 32!) performers who anchored the classic news parody segment, and he ranks the top 5 best anchors, and reveals his choice for the absolute worst. From Colin Jost and Michael Che, to Chevy Chase and everyone in between, this is a comprehensive and fun look back at one of the most popular segments in the history of SNL, and the people who made it so funny and memorable. [EP34]